Chainsaw artisans display talents in Milford

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Some of the unique pieces carved using chainsaws at the first chainsaw carving competition in Milford

With sawdust and wood chips flying, nine chainsaw artists demonstrated their talents at an event sponsored by Milford Southern States over the weekend. The event, the first of its kind in Milford, also provided funds for Carlisle Fire Company.

“I had cut a tree down in my yard and decided to make the stump into something cool,” Josh Miller of Felton, who coordinated the event, said. “I’ve been doing this ever since. I go to events and competitions all over and decided to bring one to Delaware since there had never been one here.”

The event was well attended with an auction held on Saturday at 1 PM where people could bid on some of the unique items presented, some that were actually carved on site. Some of the unique carvings included bears, birds, signs and even pens.

“For many years, I wanted a decorative carving of a bear displaying welcome to my manor,” Glenn Gillespie posted on social media. “Marcia and I strolled through the [First State Chainsaw Carving] event where we discovered a little fella we have named Little Smokey.” With the comment was a photo of a small, carved bear with a welcome sign.

A carver works on a new piece while shoppers check out his wares

Bill Sammons, who attended the event on Saturday, said it was mind-blowing what the artists could do with a chainsaw and a stump. One visitor requested that a carver create a fire helmet for him, and his wish was granted.

Dawn Delia Ceriani, who attended with one of the carvers, commented on how exciting the event was, noting that they stayed in the Causey Mansion and had some of the “most amazing seafood.”

“There was incredible hospitality, I got to spend some time with bossman doing what he loves again and seeing awesome friends,” Ceriani said. “I even got some sand between my toes and got away from being the ice cream lady for a few days! It was a great carvecation.”

There were carvers from all over the United States, including two from Delaware as well as others from Maine, Michigan, Texas and more. Miller hopes to make this an annual event, planning to grow it as much as possible.

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