Changes come to Milford City Council

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On Saturday, April 27, the City of Milford had one of the highest voter turnouts in recent history as residents traveled to the polls to select a mayor and four council people. There were, 1,312 votes cast in the election. All election results are unofficial.

For the office of mayor, incumbent Archie Campbell received 606 (46%) votes while his opponent Todd Culotta received 706 (54%).

“I wish Mr. Culotta well as he serves his term in office,” Mayor Campbell said. “I am proud to have served the city of Milford and am especially proud of the things we accomplished while I was in office. I look forward to spending more time with my wife and children now.”

Culotta stated there were “too many people to thank.”

Mayor-elect Todd Culotta

“My heart is full, thanks to everyone who came out to vote! Your voices have been heard and it’s time to move Milford forward! Congratulations to all the candidates,” Culotta said. “I want to thank my opponent Archie Campbell and congratulate him for his service to the city.”

The most surprising result in the election was in Ward 1 which ended in a tie. Michael Boyle and Diamonte “Madula” Kalesis both received 224 votes. A special election will be scheduled to determine the winner. Per the city charter, the special election will be held within 30 days.

There was no incumbent running for the second ward during this election. Nadia Zychal received 194 (47%) votes while Lori Connor received 226 (53%).

“I’d like to thank all my neighbors in having faith in my ability to represent them and in encouraging met o run to bring their concerns to the table. I congratulate my opponent and all the other candidates, incumbents as well as people completely new to the political arena, for having the courage of their convictions and for stepping up to serve,” Zychal said. “I wish the winners well and hope they make Milford proud. I wish everyone else the best – they already have. This campaign has been a learning experience, but more than that it has been an honor.”

Connor also thanked her opponent for stepping up and running for office.

Councilwoman-elect Lori Connor

“First, I would like to thank my opponent, Nadia Zychal, for her hard work during her campaign and the service she has given our community for many years. I would like to thank the many people who supported me and the Ward 2 residents that showed up to vote on Saturday,” Connor said. “It was incredible watching people come in all day to exercise their right to vote. I am humbled and grateful for this opportunity to bring fresh perspective and to continue making Milford a great place to live.”

Because Culotta won the mayoral race, his seat will now be open and will require a special election.

Ward 3 also had no incumbent running. Danny Perez received 93 (39%) votes while Michael Stewart received 147 (61%).

“I believe we had an awesome election by the outstanding number of folks who came out to vote,” Perez said. “It shows the electorate is listening and will be looking at their officials for a more responsive governance.”

Councilman-elect Michael Stewart

Stewart also felt the turnout was an indication that the people were active in this election.

“I loved seeing how many people came out to vote,” Stewart said. “It shows people still want their voices heard. Going forward, that’s what I intend to do to the best of my ability, listen to their voice and vote how they feel.”

In Ward 4, Phlip Ruiz received 74 (41%) votes while incumbent Katrina Wilson received 104 (59%) votes.

“In the wake of elections, I extend my heartfelt congratulations to Mrs. Katrina Wilson. The journey we embarked on was not merely a race for city council; it was a testament to our shared commitment to bettering our community. As the dust settles, I find peace in knowing that Councilwoman Wilson, with 32 years of service on Milford City Council, will continue to serve our community and that our collective efforts have stirred the winds of change,” Ruiz said. “To my supporters and the residents of the fourth ward, I say this:  Our campaign may have not produced a seat for me on City Council, but the bigger vision of change was planted in all those who participated. I have the utmost confidence that Mrs. Katrina Wilson will continue to represent us with integrity – for all that live in our ward.”

Ruiz continued.

“Moving forward, let us channel our efforts into renewed determination for the seeds we’ve sown will one day bloom into a more vibrant and compassionate city,” he said. “To each individual candidate, I respect you for standing up when the people sought for a voice! It was challenging, but each candidate was determined to ensure Milford remains strong and that the people remain the foundation of our city. God bless Milford, Delaware! Thank you for allowing me the chance to demonstrate the price we all share – We Are Milford!”

Councilwoman-elect Katrina Wilson

Wilson, who has served on city council for more than 30 years was also pleased with the turnout.

“First of all, I was glad, very thankful that the people came out. So, very thankful for all of the people in all of the wards that came out, you know, because it shows that people are concerned and they care, Wilson said. “I’m also very grateful that the people have trusted me for all these years and they have trusted me again to represent them. It shows they know I’ve always put Milford first and I would like to continue with my journey, being a responsible person, and helping Milford to be the great town that it is.”

All council members and the mayor will be sworn in on May 6 at Milford City Hall.


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