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Patriots for Delaware says it found proof of election fraud

Charles Megginson Government, Headlines

230-plus people file out of Tuesday’s Patriots of Delaware election fraud meeting in Milford.     Patriots for Delaware on Tuesday said they had evidence of dead people voting in the November 2020 election as well as nursing homes submitting more ballots than they had available beds. The group doesn’t believe the fraud they claim to have found would have …


Changes to comp plan approved for Lynch lands

Terry Rogers Government

City Council approved comprehensive plan changes to land owned by John R. Lynch City Council approved changes to the comprehensive plan for lands owned by John R. Lynch on New Wharf Road in Milford. The comprehensive plan guides future development and determines what areas of the city will be residential and commercial as well as they level of each type …

Council hears economic development update

Terry Rogers Government, Headlines

Sara Pletcher, Economic Development & Community Engagement Administrator with the City of Milford, provided City Council with her first update on economic development in the city since her department was formed. Pletcher took over the role in May. “I am sure economic development has been happening for some time, but with this new department, the city is able to expand …


Council approves zoning change for Fry Farm

Terry Rogers Government, Headlines

City Council voted to approve changes to the comprehensive plan as well as zoning for the R&C Fry Farm After two public hearings on Monday, September 27, Milford City Council voted to make changes to the comprehensive plan related to the R&C Fry Farm on the corner of Milford-Harrington Highway and Canterbury Road as well as to change zoning from …

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Lewes man flies flag below black pants to honor U.S. soldiers

Charles Megginson Government, Headlines

Lewes resident Harry Farreny says he will fly the U.S. flag this way for 13 weeks to honor soldiers killed in Afghanistan.     A Lewes man said he’s flying a pair of pants above the American flag in his front lawn to protest the Biden presidency and express his discontent with Biden’s handling of the military withdrawal from Afghanistan. …

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City of Milford hires Adell as new Electric Superintendent

Terry Rogers Government, Headlines

Vince Adell will take over the role as Electric Supervisor with the City of Milford. The City of Milford recently hired Vincent Adell as the new Electric Superintendent.  In this role, Adell is responsible for direction and supervision of the City’s Electric Division, which includes operating and maintaining the city electrical system, trouble calls, installing of new aerial and underground …


City of Milford Council Approves Two Land Purchases

Terry Rogers Government, Headlines

City Council approved the purchase of the Fry Farm which will be used as an industrial park City Council approved purchase of the Herman Sharp property on Rehoboth Boulevard for possible use as a park The City of Milford Council recently approved two agreements of sales – one for the 182-acre R&C Fry Farms LP on the corner of Rt. …

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State says it’s now OK to use bird feeders and baths

Betsy Price Government, Headlines

Blue Jays are among the birds being affected by a mysterious illness.   The Delaware Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control say the number of songbirds who were dying from a mystery illness has gone down enough that residents can go back to using bird baths and feeders. The state on June 10 asked people to stop using the …

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City installs mile markers on Riverwalk

Terry Rogers Government, Headlines, Health

The Milford Riverwalk now has mile markers installed thanks to intern Dylan Graham The City of Milford Parks & Recreation Intern, Dylan Graham, is leaving his mark on the Downtown Riverwalk, with newly installed mile markers and directional signs. “Dylan has been a great asset as an intern to our Department over the summer, and we feel this project will …

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Former Councilman Owen Brooks Recognized

Terry Rogers Government, Headlines

Former Councilman Owen Brooks stands with the handpainted map presented to him by council in recognition of his 38 years of service Former City of Milford Councilman Owen S. Brooks, Jr. was recognized at the regular meeting of City Council on Monday, April 9. Brooks served on City Council, representing the 3rd Ward, for 38 years, often running unopposed. He …