The proposed bill would outlaw six-pack plastic rings starting July 1, 2025.

Environmental bill would ban six-pack plastic rings in 2025

Jarek RutzGovernment, Headlines

As cities and states across the county have been taking measures in recent years like banning plastic bags and styrofoam to help prevent waste and sustain the environment, Delaware has a new bill to consider that would further that effort. Senate Bill 263, sponsored by Sen. Trey Paradee, D-Dover, would prohibit the sale of beverages packaged in rings or other …

The homeless rights bill had a ton of discussion in a House committee Wednesday.

Homeless rights bill: so hot, debate continued

Peter OsborneGovernment, Headlines

After yet another long public hearing March 27 about the Homeless Bill of Rights legislation, the House Judiciary Committee recessed until April 17 with a lot of clarification to do before the bill can move forward. First-term Rep. Sophie Phillips (D-Bear) characterized the changes made in her House Substitute No. 2 to House Bill No. 55 as “minor” and that …