Meet your Milford Ward 1 and 2 City Council candidates

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On April 27, registered voters in the City of Milford will go to the polls to elect the members of city council. All four wards as well as the mayor’s seat are contested this year. A Candidate Q&A is planned for Wards 1 and 2 on Thursday, April 18 from 7 to 9 PM in the Milford High School auditorium and there is also a Meet and Greet planned at Westside Restaurant that evening from 5 to 8 PM. Each candidate provided a brief bio as well as an explanation for why they chose to run for election.

Michael Boyle, Candidate for Ward 1 in Milford City Council race

Michael Boyle – Ward 1

Michael Boyle has been a resident of Milford since 2006 after serving for over 28 years in the United States Army as well as 17 years serving as a Department of Defense contractor conducting investigations and developing personnel policy. Boyle graduated from LaSalle University and the U.S. Army Command and General Staff College. He retired from the Army as a Lieutenant Colonel.


Boyle has been married to his wife, Gerry, for 58 years.

Before his election to City Council in 2018, Boyle served for over three years on Milford’s Planning and Zoning Commission. He also served on the Meadows at Shawnee HOA Board of Directors as well as on the Milford Middle School Lakeview Avenue Committee.

Boyle chose to run for Milford City Council initially due to his concern for the people who live and work in Milford today and in the future. He has always had an “open door” policy for his constituents and feels his background has instilled in him the temperament and understanding of what it takes to achieve results. Boyle stated that he has a “strong personal commitment to Milford,” calling it “his home.”

“I want to see Milford thrive while maintaining its small town feel and charm, sustain a solid jobs base, provide good affordable housing, continue to provide first class policing for a safe, diverse community, and a good school system essential to Milford’s future.”

Lori Connor, Candidate for Ward 2 in Milford City Council race

Lori Connor – Ward 2

Lori Connor was born and raised in Delaware and has resided in the city for five  years. Lori and her spouse, Jacob, have three children combined. The youngest  attends school in the Milford School District.  In 2013, Lori graduated with a degree in legal studies and is near completion of a second degree in business administration. Her long-term educational goal is to receive a master’s degree in organizational leadership.

Lori served in the military for nearly 13 years before medically retiring. Her career within the military consisted of administrative, paralegal, and CBRN  (Chemical, Biological, Radiation, Nuclear) assignments. The positions she held  within the military provided her with experience in managing high-value  budgets, reviewing and revising policy and procedure, emergency response, leadership, and most importantly, the selflessness needed to serve.

Lori is employed by a local logistics brokerage company and recently accepted a transfer into an operational role. In addition to her full-time position, Lori has served for two consecutive years as the HOA representative in her community, Milford Ponds. Her experience as a representative introduced her to the relationship between the city and developers and the required steps to provide oversight and quality infrastructure.

“I decided to run for City Council mainly to give voters the ability to have an election and because I have the heart to serve,” Connor said. “I would like to bring the same high-quality, result-driven leadership I have provided to my community and expand it to all residents of Ward 2. If elected, my goal is to reestablish decision-making based on constituents’ feedback and act as a voice for the community. My top priorities are to continue improving safety, sustainable growth in development, continued communication, and working to find budget solutions that limit the use of raising taxes or utility costs.”

She enjoys traveling, spending time with her family, and running in local charity races in her free time. Lori has also volunteered countless hours assisting parents in advocating for their children newly diagnosed with autism.

Diamanto “Madula” Kalesis, Candidate for Ward 1 in Milford City Council race

Diamonto “Madula” Kalesis – Ward 1

Although her first name is actually Diamonto, everyone calls the owner of Westside Restaurant Madula. Born and raised in Greece, Kalesis moved to Milford when she was 18. She obtained her education in Greece and came to the United States unable to speak, read or write English and says that is still a learning process for her every day.


Kalesis has two children, ages 25 and 27, who grew up in Milford and still live in the city. She stated that she has been “blessed and lucky” for the past 27 years as the owner of Westside Restaurant. Being in this business has given her the opportunity to get to know the people of Milford and, over time, treat them like family or close friends. It has also taught her how to deal with adversity, communication, social issues, budgeting and leadership.

Kalesis explained that, over the years, she has had the chance to help and be involved in the community either by volunteering or donating to different local charities or events. Milford has been her home for over three decades and she believes that “home is shere your heart is,” stating that her heart is definitely all about Milford.

Kalesis stated that deciding to run for council was not an easy decision, but one she felt was important.

“I am not a politician; I am you, an everyday person, but I believe I can be an asset to our community,” Kalesis said. “I am invested in Milford and committed in working to help Milford grow in the best possible way while it maintains a small town charm. Building trust and being transparent with the people is something that the town needs right now and I would like to be the people’s voice.”

Nadia Zychal, Candidate for Ward 2 in Milford City Council race

Nadia Zychal – Ward 2

Nadia Zychal grew up in Southern New Jersey in a three generation bilingual household. The first generation born in the United States to Ukranian parents who arrived her to make a new life after leaving their war torn homeland. Her lifelong love of art led her to create a career in a challenging field and has been a small business owner for more than 30 years, providing her artistic skills that can be seen all over Milford, including Benvenuto, My Sister’s Fault to Lulu the Ladybug which graces the Milford Museum steps.

Running this business has given Zychal the experience she needs to solve challenging problems an complete complicated tasks – on time and on budget with a commitment to excellent results. She and her husband, Craig, moved to Milford more than ten years ago to better care for Zychal’s mother-in-law, Ruth.

The couple purchased an old home on South Walnut Street that was ideally situated near town amenities and provided the privacy and independence that made the best of the difficult situation. She soon fell in love with the charming town and decided to become involved in service and volunteer work. Zychal has served on the Milford Museum board, DMI Design Committee and donated her artwork to decorate the Santa House and an electrical box downtown.

Zychal currently serves as co-chair of the Milford Zoning Board of Adjustments where she has a record of balancing the needs of the community while respecting individual property rights.

“Growing up and being a homeowner in Southern New Jersey has given me a firsthand perspective in how not to govern,” Zychal said. “It was an expensive experience in taxation without real representation that I will fight to prevent from happening here. If elected, controlling and managing growth and maintaining good communication with the community is how I will represent Ward 2 on Milford’s City Council.”

Voting will take place at the Public Works Office located in 180 Vickers Drive in Milford from 10 AM until 6 PM. Only candidates who are registered to vote who live in Wards 1 and 2 may vote for Boyle, Connor, Kalesis or Zychal. To learn what ward a voter lives in, contact the City of Milford at 302-422-6616, Extension 6, or visit the city’s Ward Map page and enter an address.

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