CNU Fit celebrates fifth anniversary with ribbon cutting

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(L to R): Rose Ann Nosher, William Scott, Angela Dorey, Sean Floyd, Cliff Edwards, Susan Winters, CEO & Founder Evans Armantrading Jr., James Couzens, Carolyn Palmer, Amanda Butkus, Jordan Gambrell, Laurie Cale, CCGM Vice President Alicia Hollis, Pat Abel, Milford Mayor Archie Campbell, Linda Mills, and Ruth Barkley. (Photo courtesy of CCGM)

The Chamber of Commerce for Greater Milford, friends and family recently held a Ribbon Cutting to celebrate the five year anniversary of CNU Fit, LLC. Evans Armantrading Jr, CEO and Founder, along with city officials and members of CCGM were on hand for the celebration.

“Central Delaware’s Premier Transformation Studio, CNU Fit is proud of this significant milestone – the 5-year anniversary of our Milford location,” Armantrading said. “For 14 years, CNU Fit has been a beacon of health and fitness for busy professionals. In Milford, our dedicated team has spent the last five years tailoring fitness journeys for our clients, helping them lose weight, fit their clothes better, and increase their energy levels.”

Overall, CNU Fit has assisted over 3,500 individuals in losing more than 45,000 lbs. The company specializes in fitness solutions for those over 40, understanding the unique challenges this age group faces. Programs are 100 percent customized to cater to individual needs, focusing on enhancing mobility and metabolism. This approach is pivotal in helping clients not only shed weight but maintain their fitness long-term.

“CNU Fit is committed to empowering the citizens of Central Delaware to become the best versions of themselves,” Armantrading continued. “Our money-back guarantee is a testament to our belief in our services.”

CNU Fit is the leading fitness studio in Central Delaware, specializing in personalized fitness programs for busy professionals, particularly those over 40. With over 14 years of industry experience and a significant milestone of 5 years in Milford, CNU Fit stands as a testament to sustainable weight loss and fitness solutions. They are located at 613 N. Dupont Boulevard in Milford.

For more information about how you can join CNU Fit, visit their website or contact their studio at 302-689-3489.

For information concerning the Chamber of Commerce for Greater Milford call 302-422-3344, visit our website or find us on Facebook.


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