Delaware State Police Announce 2022 Trooper and Civilian Employee of the Year

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Colonel Melissa Zebley, Superintendent of the Delaware State Police, announced the winners of the 2022 Trooper of the Year and Civilian of the Year Awards at a ceremony on Friday, March 10th, 2023. To help recognize the significance of the ceremony, Governor John Carney, Secretary of Safety and Homeland Security, Nathaniel McQueen Jr., Colonel Melissa Zebley, and President of the Delaware State Troopers Association, Sergeant Troy Pezzuto, were in attendance to offer congratulatory remarks.


Trooper of the Year

The Delaware State Police Trooper of the Year Award is given annually to one sworn employee who is recognized by their peers as having outstanding character and integrity and whose actions or performance significantly exceeded expectations during that calendar year.

This year, twelve Troopers were nominated. Out of those worthy nominees, the Executive Staff selected Corporal Thomas Leonardias the 2022 Trooper of the Year, for his outstanding efforts and contributions to the Division and the citizens of the State of Delaware. Corporal Leonardi is assigned to Troop 2 Patrol.

Corporal Leonardi has been with the Division for 4 years, having served two years prior with the Delaware River & Bay Authority. Throughout 2022, he encountered various challenges facing law enforcement in the 21st century. While these challenges were daunting, Corporal Leonardi persevered through these difficult times while maintaining a professional appearance and attitude. Corporal Leonardi has the leadership skills of a “seasoned” Trooper at an early stage in his career, which is reflected in his daily work habits as he comes to work with drive and determination. He has established himself as a very dependable police officer, often going “beyond the call of service,” and is the epitome of the core values of the Delaware State Police.


Trooper of the Year Nominees:

Corporal/1 Jeffrey Baldwin – Troop 9

Corporal Hunter Bordley – Troop 1

Detective Kimberly Haley – Troop 4 Criminal Investigations Unit

Detective Bridget Harris – Troop 2 Criminal Investigations Unit

Trooper First Class Michelle Keane – Troop 3

Corporal Kevin Kelleher – Troop 6

Detective John Messick – Criminal Intelligence Section

Corporal Hunter Raymond – Troop 5

Detective Anthony Tillman – Troop 3

Corporal Brandon Triantos – Troop 7

Corporal Thomas Vincent – Troop 4


Civilian of the Year

The Delaware State Police Civilian of the Year Award is given annually to one civilian employee whose service with the Delaware State Police has been outstanding throughout the course of that calendar year.

This year, nine Delaware State Police civilian employees were nominated for the award. The Executive Staff of the Delaware State Police selected Information Technology Client Services Manager, Marissa Warrenas the 2022 Civilian of the Year.

Marissa began her career with the Delaware State Police as a Digital Evidence Technician seven years ago. During that time, she was the sole person responsible for managing DSP video evidence. She was later promoted to Client Services Manager where she took on the enormous task of building out the DSP Body Worn Camera program. This involved coordinating the testing and deployment of new Axon BWCs to hundreds of sworn Troopers across the entire State, building a team of Digital Evidence Technicians and Digital Evidence Supervisors, working with DSP leadership to develop system policies for the standardization of deployment, and creating new standard operating procedures for Information Technology support. Marissa’s tireless work ethic and attention to detail has resulted in a smooth and successful deployment of BWCs. In addition to all of this, Marissa emerged as a valuable member of the DSP Wellness Committee.


Civilian of the Year Nominees:

Ms. Jennifer Bastianelli – Criminal Intelligence Section

Mr. Scott Ferguson – Troop 6

Mrs. Monica Holmes – Human Resources

Mrs. Patricia Sweeney – State Bureau of Identification

Mr. Marty McWilliams – Human Resources

Mrs. Donna Newth-Showell – Troop 6

Mrs. Ashley Parker – RECOM

Mrs. Kelly Tush – Troop 2


In addition to the Trooper and Civilian of the Year, the following recipients were also presented with the following awards:


Life Saving Award:

Awarded to any member of the Delaware State Police or allied partner who engages in any lifesaving or first aid effort that results in saving a life


Cpl/1 Derek Balaguer, Cpl/1 Corey Bastianelli, TFC Schatzschneider Billy-Attoh, Tpr. Troy Bowden, Cpl/3 Todd Buchert, TFC Anthony Carter, Tpr. Steve Collins, Mr. Garfield Daniels of DelDOT, TFC Cameron Drake, Tpr. Daniel Fezza, Corporal Jennifer Hastings, TFC Casey Hofmann, Trooper Shane Horn, Corporal/1 David Huynh, Officer First Class James Kiser of NCCPD, Tpr. Hunter Lecates, Cpl/3 Robert Lewis, Cpl Richard Link, Cpl/1 Kevin Logue, Cpl/1 Rosendo Luna, Tpr. Megan Marino, Sgt. Christopher Martin, Mr. David Moran of DelDOT, Cpl Mitchell Moyer, Cpl/1 Daniel Myers, Cpl/2 Christopher Nicholson, Cpl/1 Frank Ofner, Cpl/1 Kyle Ogden, Cpl/2 James O’Neil, Cpl/3 Brian Page, TFC Nick Panissidi, Mr. Andres Ramirez of DelDOT, Cpl/1 Andrew Rosner, Tpr. Ryan Santmyer, Cpl William Schuele, Cpl Douglas Schwartz, Tpr. Lauren Skonezney, Mr. Derrick Smith of DelDOT, Cpl/1 Michael Spudis, Tpr. Domenica Trace, Tpr. Nathaniel Valenti, TFC Thomas Vincent, TFC Brian Whitehead, and Tpr. Jerome Williams



Exceptional Performance Award:

Awarded to any member of the Delaware State Police who performs significantly above what would be expected in an area or event that is within their normal realm of responsibilities


Cpl/1 Robert Alexander, Cpl Jared Balan, TFC William Beinke, Cpl Jermaine Cannon, TFC Michael Efelis, Cpl/3 Troy Frey, Cpl/3 Brian Greene, Cpl/3 Thomas Guarini, Cpl Dean Johnson, Cpl Michael Lipp, Special Agent Kristopher Long of FBI, Tpr. Megan Marino, Tpr. Alexander McCabe, Sgt. Andrew Mitchell, Cpl Mitchell Moyer, TFC Ryan Nowakowski, TFC Nicholas Panissidi, Lt. Troy Ralston, Cpl Jodi Salyer, Tpr. Ryan Santmyer and Cpl William Schuele


Superintendent’s Citation Award:

Awarded to any member of the Delaware State Police or allied partner who has participated or assisted in any randomly unique event or situation of an exceptional nature


Tpr. Arlen Kilmartin


Valor Award:

Awarded to any member of the Delaware State Police for an extraordinary act of outstanding courage resulting from a situation whereby they are faced with the overwhelming possibility of serious harm to themself but perform their duty in a courageous and commendable manner


Cpl Daniel Korenyi


Cameron Logan Award:

Awarded annually to two Delaware State Troopers who exemplify dedication and commitment to DUI enforcement


Cpl William Schuele and Cpl Thomas Vincent



Congratulations to all award nominees and recipients! The award ceremony highlight video will be posted on the Delaware State Police YouTube Channel. While you’re there, subscribe so you will be notified of new video releases!

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