DIAA State Wrestling Championships Bracket Breakdown

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Anthony Andrews of Sussex Tech (top) and Malachi Stratton of Sussex Central during their 120 pound Henlopen Conference championship Stratton won a 12-10 decision in overtime, photo courtesy of Eric Donato

106 pounds

This may be the most wide open bracket in the tournament. Top seed Austin Gueirrieri (Cape Henlopen) is the favorite with wins over all top seeds, but he will see eighth grader Dominic Spennato (Red Lion) who he had the narrowest margin of victory over this year, a 3-2 decision back in January. The top bracket is loaded with Cole Perrin (Delaware Military) at the four seed and Ben Donato (Caesar Rodney) the fifth seed.

2023 state finalist¬†Clif Bakhsh (St. Mark‚Äôs)¬†is the number two seed and has a quarterfinal looming with the bracket’s lone senior¬†Louis Zitofsky (St. Georges). A pair of returning state placers fill out the rest of the bottom bracket with third seed¬†Mason Catania (Salesianum)¬†facing a rematch with sixth seed¬†Austen Decker (Sussex Central). Decker pinned Catania a few weeks ago.


Bracket Landmine: Louis Zitofsky (St. Georges) has had an injury riddled career. He may be healthy and ready to make a run.

Sleepers: Ben Donato (Caesar Rodney) seeded fifth has come on late in the season.

113 pounds

Freshman Dominic Lucian (Salesianum) moves up from winning a state title at 106 last year and has spent a large portion of this season at 120 pounds. A semifinal looms with Tommy Arms (Conrad), the two have not met this season.

Tye Bellarin (Red Lion) was a state finalist in this weight last year and gets the two seed, but he will need to get through the three seed Mason Milligan (First State Military) to return to the state final.


Bracket Landmine: Roman Kubler (Appoquinimink) sits quietly at the five seed.

Sleeper: Ian Alfree (Smyrna) the Henlopen Champ at the six seed.

120 pounds

After last weekend’s overtime thriller the popular bet for the finals will be two time state champ Malachi Stratton (Sussex Central) and Anthony Andrew (Sussex Tech) and they are seeded one and two respectively. The Friday night winner of DeMarion Russ (Lake Forest) and Russell Lloyd (St. Georges) should they get there will challenge Stratton in the top bracket.

Andrews has a tough road to a final with Carter Davis (Salesianum) in a potential quarterfinal and a possible fourth meeting with Cole Moffett (Caesar Rodney) who is seeded third.

Nurrideen Ahmad-Statts of Lake Forest looks to repeat as a state champion this weekend, but will have to do it from the third seed, photo courtesy of Eric Donato

Bracket Landmine: Carter Davis (Salesianum) is dangerous at the seven seed with limited matches at this weight during the season.

Sleeper: All eyes are on Stratton and Andrews. Don’t sleep on Cole Moffett (Caesar Rodney) at the three seed.

126 pounds

Trevor Copes (Caesar Rodney) has held the number one ranking all season and gets the top seed after winning the Henlopen Conference last weekend. A third meeting in a month looms in the semis with four seed Chase Murray (Sussex Central) who will have to get by Jazmon Snead (Delmar) on Friday night.

Two seed Aaron Menickella (St. Mark’s) and Gavin Mundy (Delaware Military) the three seed are primed for the rubber match after splitting a pair over the past week.


Bracket Landmine: Keep your eyes on eighth grader Santino Sianni (Red Lion).

Sleeper: Jazmon Snead (Delmar) is a relative unknown outside of the Henlopen wrestlers.

132 pounds


Top seed Evan Cordrey (Sussex Central) is the favorite to come out of the top bracket after a dominant performance at the Henlopen Conference Championships last weekend.

Chris Foster (St. Mark’s) will probably like a fourth match with Cordrey this season, but will have to beat Jacob Girard (Salesianum) for a second time in a week to get that match.


Bracket Landmine: Connor Smith (Laurel).

Sleeper: Dylan Delcollo (Delaware Military) hiding at the six seed.

138 pounds

Three time state champ Eddie Radecki (Caravel) will face a challenge in the semifinals in the winner of the Talan Savage (Sussex Central) versus Jerusalem Howard (Lake Forest) rematch from the Henlopen Conference Championship last weekend.

Number two seed Julian Campenelli (Tatnall) the Independent Conference runner-up will have to get by Blue Hen Conference Champion Gavin Sheehan (St. Georges) for a rematch with Radecki.


Bracket Landmine: Pierro Papili (Delaware Military) at the ten seed.

Sleeper: Talan Savage (Sussex Central).

144 pounds

Everyone expects Nick Walker (Cape Henlopen) versus Dustin Elliott (Sussex Tech) 3 on Saturday night. The crystal ball expects the rubber match to happen.


Bracket Landmine: Jamisen Dean (Caesar Rodney) at the eleven seed could find his way to the podium.

Sleeper: None here.

150 pounds

Stanley Pete (Laurel) gets the top seed, but this is another tough bracket. Pete will meet Bennett Brumbley (Sussex Tech) on Friday night. Pete won a narrow 8-7 decision back in December. Charles Perrin (Delaware Military) and Ben Raunato (St. Mark’s) will square off Friday night for a chance to meet Pete.

Number two seed Case Dempsey (Lake Forest) has one win over Pete this season, but the bottom half of this bracket is loaded with danger. Defending state champ Jack Duffy (Tower Hill) sits at the three seed. Round one is going to be electric on Friday night.


Bracket Landmine: Gardner Hall (Salesianum) could be a dangerous eleven seed.

Sleeper: Ben Ranauto (St. Mark’s) sitting at the five seed.

157 pounds

Another crazy deep bracket that has the crystal ball a little bit fuzzy. Malcolm Roy (Delaware Military) gets the nod for the top seed after winning the Independent Conference last weekend, but expect a challenge from four seed Xavier Limehouse (Laurel) in the top half of the bracket.

Freshman¬†Brayden Raunato (St. Mark‚Äôs)¬†is the two seed while defending state champion¬†Nurrideen Ahmad-Statts (Lake Forest)¬†comes in at the three seed, but he will have a challenge on Friday night from¬†Justin Negron (Sussex Central). Statts won a 1-0 decision over Negron in last weekend’s Henlopen Conference semifinals.


Bracket Landmine: Justin Negron (Sussex Central).

Sleeper: Thomas Dolo (Christiana) the Blue Hen champ is a relative unknown and this weekend is a bad time to find out who he is.

165 pounds

Undefeated Frankie Norris (Wm. Penn) and Jacob Ebaugh (St. Mark’s) are headed for a showdown on Saturday night. They are seeded one and two respectively.


Bracket Landmine: None.

Sleeper: Ryan McCormac (St. Elizabeth).

175 pounds

The crystal ball is clear on this one, the much anticipated match between defending state champ Luke Spoor (St. Mark’s) and Gabe Cannon (Sussex Central) should highlight Saturday night’s final.


Bracket Landmine: Sorry folks, I don’t see anybody standing in the way of a Spoor-Cannon final.

Sleeper: None.

190 pounds

Independent Conference champion Hayden Moaney (Delaware Military) has held the top spot in the rankings all season and gets the top seed this weekend. It looks like he should safely get through the top bracket.

Jacque Wilson (Red Lion) is the number two seed and is a heavy favorite to meet Moaney in the finals, but must get through Henlopen Conference winner Jordan Curry (Milford).


Bracket Landmine: Don’t see one here.

Sleeper: Bryce Johnson (Delmar) is a tough out at the six seed.

215 pounds

Undefeated and Beast champ Frank Miller (Salesianum) looks like a lock to make the finals.

Looking forward to a probable Henlopen Conference final rematch in the semis with Patrick Donahue (Cape Henlopen) and Greg Lockett (Milford) in the bottom half of the bracket.


Bracket Landmine: None. This bracket could go pretty close to chalk.

Sleeper: None.

285 pounds

The defending state champ returns with Cael DeNigris (Delaware Military) getting the top seed. Fourth seed Chi Chi Eule (Smyrna) will meet fifth seed Jahlil Settles (St. Georges) for a chance to challenge DeNigris in the semifinal.

The bottom half of the bracket is set up for another semifinal thriller. Two seed Eli Jarquin-Torres (Wm. Penn) the Blue Hen champ and two time Henlopen champ Joseph Baynard (Laurel) is the three seed.


Bracket Landmine: None.

Sleeper: None.

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