Dolce reopens after renovations

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Changes to the interior of Dolce

New custom counter at the renovated Dolce Walnut Street location

The downtown Dolce location closed on July 1 so that the new owner, Mark Dissinger, could give the interior a facelift. The new 10th Street location remained open as the interior walls were given a new coat of paint and cases were given a facelift at the Walnut Street store.

“The response so far has been overall very good,” Chris Tenbusch, General Manager, said. “Everyone loves it. The changes brighten it up a lot. A facelift is always good in any business and so far we have had outstanding response to the changes.”

The new interior includes a brighter, more open look with the counter and trash can in the center removed. The new, custom built counter features a metal front with a rich wooden top. Bakery cases have been moved in an effort to create a more open space as well. Above the front door is a stained glass “36,” for the address of the downtown location that makes it stand out. Smaller, more modern looking furniture now sits in the window as well and there are more tables lining the wall for customers.

“We took down some of the decorations that had been there since George and Chuck owned it years ago,” Dissinger said when the 10th Street coffee shop opened. “The trashcan piece was nice, but we feel removing it will open up the area more. We just felt it was time to freshen it up, bring it into today’s world.

Both the Walnut Street and 10th Street locations are open Monday through Wednesday from 7 AM until 3 PM, Thursday from 6 AM until 5:30 PM, Friday from 7 AM until 3 PM and Saturday from 8 AM until Noon. Both locations are closed on Sunday.

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