Automatic recount named Kalesis winner in Ward 1

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Madula Kalesis


This story has been updated to say the Ward 2 council representative will be appointed.

The Board of Elections met to certify results in the Milford City Council election on Monday. After multiple recounts in Ward 1, it was determined that Diamonto “Madula” Kalesis was the winner in that ward by one vote.

“All results announced the day of the election are unofficial,” Terri Hudson, City Clerk, said. “Although we counted multiple times on Saturday, when the Board of Elections reviewed the counts, they found that one extra vote had been counted for Michael Boyle. This is a standard procedure for every election and why we announce that all results on election day are unofficial.”

Based on the certified results, Kalesis received 224 (50.1%) votes while Michael Boyle received 223 (49.9%) votes.

Kalesis will be sworn in May 6 along with Todd Culotta as mayor and Michael Stewart and Katrina Wilson as council members.

With the election of Culotta, pursuant to Milford City Charter, City Council will within 45 days of the vacancy, confirmed by a majority vote, appoint a qualified person to fill the remainder of his term.


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