Downtown Milford Inc. admin named interim director

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Sara LeBright will serve as Downtown Milford Inc.’s director as the organization looks for a new exec.

Sara LeBright is already on a roll as interim director of Downtown Milford, Inc.

“She has hit the ground running and is helping us build relationships in the city, grow our events and increase our funding base,” said Shelby DiCostanzo, president of the nonprofit ‘s board.

Downtown Milford is an accredited Main Street program, promoting development of the downtown Milford business district.

The non-profit ‘s mission is to preserve the area’s  historic heritage while bringing it new life and purpose.

LeBright is replacing former director Janne Collins, who retired.

“Sara has been our administrative assistant since November and has developed a strong working knowledge of DMI policies and procedures,” DiCostanzo said.

As an administrative assistant, LeBright developed Downtown Milford’s social media and fostered connections to Milford businesses outside downtown.

In the last two months she has grown its Facebook by 10,000 people, sharing around 500 posts a month.

“I started doing live videos at the businesses downtown to share what they have to offer,” LeBright said.

Her 15 videos have had a total of 64,000 views.

Going door to door

The nonprofit raises funds for operations and events, and LeBright saw an opportunity there to connect businesses outside the district to downtown.

“We want to be collaborative, not competitive,” said LeBright, so she began going door to door asking the businesses outside downtown to be sponsors. 

She couldn’t cite any numbers, but believes her efforts are paying off.

“I’ve noticed sponsors we have are volunteering at events and taking pictures to share on social media of them shopping downtown,” she said. “It’s an opportunity for the businesses to do cross advertising.” 

As interim director, LeBright’s goal is to grow downtown by supplying business grants, hosting more events and continuing to make customers loyal.

“These aren’t just storefronts, these are people’s dreams and I am committed to helping them grow,” she said.

LeBright has lived in the Milford area her entire life.

Prior to working at Downtown Milford, she was a paralegal and teacher before raising her two daughters, now ages 8 and 11.

“Now that my children are older, I have a little more independence,” she said.

LeBright applied for the part-time administration job after DiCostanzo approached her.

“Shelby really cares about the community. Without her I wouldn’t be here,” LeBright said. 

The board president said her high energy, type A personality and passion for the Milford community made LeBright the best candidate for DMI.

LeBright said when she was asked to apply she thought to herself: “Gosh, this is perfect.”

Since joining DMI she feels she has found her calling and can’t get enough of her role promoting downtown business.

“It’s been addictive,” she said. 

She has applied for the permanent director position.

Downtown Milford is searching for a new executive director, with applications due Feb. 29.

The full-time job, which pays $40,000 to $45,000, has a wide range of duties:

  • Pursue increasing expertise in implementation of the Main Street™ model of downtown revitalization.
  • Coordinate activity of the Main Street program by maintaining open lines of communication, assisting with creation and implementation of work plans, and attending committee and city meetings.
  • Develop and maintain a strong Main Street organizational structure for a sustainable economic development effort.
  • Develop and conduct ongoing public awareness of Downtown Milford’s aivities by developing strong working relationships with state/county/local officials and agencies and others.
  • Assist board of directors and committees with fundraising activities
  • Manage administrative aspects of the program including record-keeping and accounting, budget development, grant administration, purchasing and filing reports.
  • Coordinate maintenance of the DMI-leased building.
  • Supervise one administrative staff person.
  • Serve as an advocate for downtown and economic development issues at local and state/ county levels through familiarity with and understanding of, local concerns and issues.
  • Serve as a liaison with the City of Milford on downtown projects, economic development initiatives and other activities.
  • Direct business retention, expansion and recruitment efforts.
  • Participate in statewide and national training opportunities in ongoing professional development and networking, and to promote professional effectiveness. 


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