Du Pont family focus of upcoming Milford Museum presentation

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Henry A. du Pont (Courtesy of Hagley Museum)

The name du Pont is well known, not only throughout Delaware but also globally. On Saturday, April 20 at 1 PM, the Milford Museum will present the second part of their series on this famous family with “A Brief Introduction to the du Pont Family, Part II,” presented by Lucas R. Clawson.

“In the first part of this series, discussion focused on why the du Pont family came to America and how they build a worldwide explosives business,” Tom Summers, Director of the Milford Museum said. “In this part, we will discover how the family and company fared into the 20th century.”

Summers stated that Clawson will provide information on how the du Pont family went from creating explosives to the many products they are known for today. He will also provide details on the many challenges the family and company faced, including two world wars, investigations by Congress, World’s Fairs and how consumer demand impacted decisions.

“It is a fascinating story,” Summers said. “The many inventions that are credited to this family and this company are incredible. And to think it all began here in Delaware.”

T.C. du Pont riding in an early automobile (Photo courtesy of Hagley Museum)

Since 2007, Clawson has served as an historian at the Hagley Museum and Library in Wilmington. He works with the historical records of the DuPont Company, the du Pont family and businesses in the Delaware Valley. He uses his expertise and research to create public programming, lead discussions with Hagley staff and for scholarly research on topics such as the DuPont Company in the American Civil War and the United States Navy during the 19th Century. Clawson is a graduate of Appalachian State University and the University of Delaware.

These monthly programs are  sponsored by the Milford Museum and focus on a variety of topics concerning local, state and national history. They are provided through a generous grant from The Delaware Heritage Commission. The Milford Public Library is located at 11 Southeast Front Street in Milford. For more information, contact Summers at [email protected].

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