Events planned at Milford Public Library for November

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A presentation on the Mayflower is just one event planned at the Milford Library in November

The Milford Public Library is offering several programs in November with two focusing on area history and one looking relationships between women and wardrobes.

“Our first event for November is a live performance of “Love, Loss and What I Wore,” written by Nora and Delia Ephron,” Carolyn Tabor, Program Director, said. “This is a series of monologues using a rotating cast of five women. The monologues talk about relationships between women as well as how those relationships and wardrobe are often intertwined. The stories use the female wardrobe as a time capsule of women’s lives.”

“Love, Loss and What I Wore” will be presented in the Lions Room A&B on Saturday, November 4 at noon. The play is directed by Marge Ventura.

On November 11, the Milford Museum, in partnership with the Delaware Heritage Commission, will present “The Mayflower.” The program, which begins at 1 PM will have Bill “Hutch” Hutchison telling the iconic story of one of the most recognized ships in American history. The story goes beyond how this one ship landed a group of pilgrims on the shores of Cape Cod as it also talks about the Mayflower Compact.

“It covers the first Thanksgiving and descendants of those pilgrims that number in the millions,” Tabor said. “This is part of the monthly American History Series provided by the museum which offers information on local, state and national history.”

More information about “The Mayflower” can be learned by calling the Milford Museum at 302-424-1080 or emailing Tom Summers, Education and Community Outreach Director, at [email protected]. Suggestions for future presentations are also accepted.

“One of the more interesting programs we are offering this month is “The History of Etiquette:  Why We Do What We Do?,” which will be presented by Lisa S. Chase of Delaware Humanities,” Tabor said. “This program will cover some of the manners we use today have a history steeped in the Middle Ages and Erasmus’s teaching of classroom etiquette to young men attending Catholic Church schools.”

After learning of how etiquette evolved during those eras, the program progresses to King Louis XV and his use of the word as well as howe the social and etiquette expectations for polite society followed the early settlers in this country. This is an interactive program with audience participation with props and costume changes. The program is planned for November 14 at 2 PM in Lions Room B.

Finally, on November 16, the Department of Health and Human Services will offer COVID-19 vaccines in the library parking lot on Washington Street from 10 to 3 PM.

For more information about programs at the library, visit or call 302-422-9418.

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