LeBright becomes DMI Executive Director

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Sara LeBright, the new Executive Director for DMI

After searching for a new Executive Director after the retirement of Janne Collins in February, Downtown Milford, Inc discovered that the person they needed in the job was right under their noses. On March 5, 2024, the board voted to hire Sara Isaacs LeBright as the Executive Director of the organization.

“We received a few resumes, but after watching Sara work absolute magic in the DMI office over the past few months, first as our part-time administrative assistant and then stepping in when Janne announced her retirement, we knew this was the right decision,” Shelby DiCostanzo, President of DMI, said.

LeBright grew up a pastor’s daughter, her father growing up what she calls a “Walnut Street kid.”

“Both my parents grew up in Delaware, but my dad was from Milford and his dad worked on the railroad,” LeBright said. “His mom was at Calvary Church and then Avenue. The rest of the family were local farmers. Both my parents graduated from Milford High School, I didn’t but I still live in Lincoln.”

LeBright joked that she was the youngest of three and the most “well rounded,” compared to her older brother and sister. Her husband, Joe, is a builder and they have two children, 11-year old daughter Grayson and 8-year old daughter Avery. She and her husband purchased the home in Lincoln where she grew up.

“I ended up volunteering and helping at a local school,” LeBright said. “They put me in a para-teaching position, and, by the end of the year, I was taking over most of the class. That was where I found my joy for learning and education as well as working with people.”

Furthering her education in elementary education, LeBright was looking for a part-time job that would allow her to be available for her children.

“Shelby Nash reached out to me when she saw a post I put up on Facebook asking if anyone knew of a part-time position available,” LeBright said. “I applied and was hired as the part-time administrative assistant. I had a hard time leaving my job because I enjoyed doing it, but since I have been here, I have come to love all the business owner’s downtown that I’ve met. I’ve always had a desire to help people and work with people, so I have absolutely enjoyed this.”

DiCostanzo explained that when LeBright was hired, it was with an understanding she would be trained and step into the Executive Director position in a few years. When Collins retired in February, there was a need to accelerate the process in order to have someone leading the charge at DMI.

“Just watching her interact with people and bring vibrance, excitement and a sense of community into the office has been such a pleasure,” DiCostanzo said. “We are super lucky to have Sara guiding our board and helping us grow downtown into something outstanding.”

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