a house covered in snow

Major snowstorm kicks off 2022

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by Terry Rogers


a house covered in snow

Photo courtesy of Nancy Saxon

The Milford area awoke on Monday to the first snowfall of the year with accumulations reaching over one foot in some areas. Winter Storm Frida tracked through the Appalachians before reaching the mid-Atlantic, producing gusty winds and heavy snow.

“We had to close Customer Service due to a power outage and phone outage,” Milford City Manager Mark Whitfield said. “We will reopen on Tuesday. If folks need to call regarding trash collection, power outages or snowplows, please call the Public Works office at 302-422-1110. We have also had considerable issues attempting to collect refuse on Monday. We were collecting last Friday’s route, due to the New Year’s Day holiday on Friday. We suspended collection for the remainder of the day and will collect anyone missed on Tuesday.”

Whitfield explained that crews were in on Sunday preparing for the storm by hanging plows, loading salt and checking vehicles. The city has a dozen trucks upfitted and several hundred tons of salt on hand. Crews arrived around 6:30 Monday morning to begin salting roads and started plowing since 8 AM Monday morning.

a snow covered street

Photo courtesy of Gayle Parola

“Our goal was to have at least one pass through neighborhoods during the brunt of the storm,” Whitfield said. “We continue through the day until the snow stops, at which time we will start plowing the snow back further to open up the streets.”

Driving conditions were very dangerous and the city recommended anyone who did not need to venture out to remain at home or at their place of work until crews had a chance to catch up with the falling snow.

“With the rate of snowfall, it may take a couple of hours between snowplow passes,” Whitfield said. “With that rate of snowfall, four or more inches accumulated between passes. If you venture out, please plan accordingly. Additionally, we ask people to use off-street parking areas and do not park on city streets until the roads are cleared.”


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