Milford Middle School project moves into construction phase

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Demolition phase has ended for the Milford Middle School Lakeview project and construction can now begin

Milford School District recently announced that demolition on the Milford Middle School project on Lakeview Avenue ended and that the construction phase would begin. Demolition of the wings of the school began on September 8, 2023, on target with a projected timeline provided by the district last year.

“The project remains on schedule and is expected to open in fall 2025,”  Trish Gerken, Public Information Officer for Milford School District said.

The social media post announcing that the project would move into the next phase was met with support from the community.

“As a former student of the Middle school (a long time ago), I’m so glad they were able to keep the one part and renovate it and use it in the new construction,” Kim Davies commented. “I’m excited to see the work begin.”

Several teachers, including Sherry McKee and Greer Stangl remarked that it was strange seeing their old classrooms this way. Others felt that this was a beneficial project for students in the district.

“Good foundation to build a future of excellence in education and community resilience,” Jim Purcell commented. “All in for the kids.”

Charles Gray thanked the district and contractors for “towing the line and keeping the project on course.”

Rendering of the entryway to the new Milford middle school.

Artist rendering of Milford Middle School building entrance

The project began in 2018 with public meetings, led by Bill Strickland and a task force that included district staff, community members and board members. The public provided significant input into the project, overwhelmingly telling the task force they wanted it to remain an educational facility. They also wanted the building to retain as much of the historic look as possible. This request was to honor the Milford 11, the first students to attempt integration of the Milford High School in 1954 as well as the Milford 7 who successfully integrated the school a decade later.

As a result of the public meetings and task force discussions, only the old wings were demolished and the interior of the original building gutted. Although the original entrance will remain facing Lakeview Avenue, the new entrance to the building will be at what is now the back of the building. The school will house 5th and 6th grade students to reduce overcrowding at the three elementary schools as well as Milford Central Academy. The district is currently deciding on a name for the new school.

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