Site plan for new Milford Police Department building

Milford police facility architect contract awarded

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Site plan for new Milford Police Department building

Site plan for new Milford Police Department building

On Feb. 22, Milford City Council voted to award Becker Morgan with the architectural contract for the new police facility that was approved by voters on Jan. 26. Becker Morgan has been working with the city throughout the referendum process.

The contract will include additional work necessary for the design of the new police station such as complete site planning work, building plans, permitting, bidding the project, bid analysis and award recommendations as well as construction phase services and LEED principles design.

“Our present contract with Becker Morgan is for $149,000,” Mark Whitfield, City Manager, explained. “There are a number of items in that contract that do not need to be completed that resulted in a credit of $31,000 that will be applied. The additional work required, based on a $12 million building, will be for a flat fee of $720,000, bringing the total contract amount to $838,000, excluding reimbursables. If the construction of the facility exceeds $12 million, Becker Morgan will submit an amendment for additional services equal to six percent of the difference.”

Whitfield explained that funding for the architectural contract will come from the Police and General Government Facilities Fund and not from any bond monies.

“Last week Mark, the Chief, myself and representatives from Delaware State Police Barracks 3 and 7 spent three-and-half hours going over what the building should look like,” Mayor Archie Campbell said. “We will turn all that information over to the Citizen’s Advisor Board so they can review the elevation of the property and get an idea of what the outside could look like. It was a very productive meeting, but a long one.”

Councilman Dan Mirabello asked if the city was considering any renewable energy designs.

“Because we are looking at LEED compatibility, that is one of the items they look at,” Whitfield said. “I also just got word today that there will be an extension of the natural gas line that will go past this facility so there may be an opportunity for natural gas in the building as well.

Council voted to approve the contract with seven votes as Councilman Todd Culotta had to step away from the meeting before the vote took place.

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