Milford students went back to school Tuesday.

Milford students return for first day of 2023-24 year

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Milford students went back to school Tuesday.

Milford students went back to school Tuesday.

As first-day photos across social media attested Wednesday, Milford School District’s 4,500 students were among those who returned to the classroom.

“This is an incredibly exciting time of year for us as we eagerly welcome our students back to our school buildings,” said Superintendent Bridget Amory. “Our mission remains to provide all learners a comprehensive, individualized education in a safe, supportive, rigorous environment where learners are prepared to grow and thrive in a global society.”

Kirsten France is a mother of three, with two of her children currently in Milford School District: her son, Kieran, is entering high school, and her daughter, Kyleigh, is starting first grade at Banneker Elementary

Kyleigh is most excited to enter the school’s Spanish immersion program, she said. 

“I know she will be amazing. I can’t wait to learn from her this year,” France said.

Milford has a two-way dual language immersion program offered in Spanish for kindergarten through sixth grade. 

It’s offered at Benjamin Banneker Elementary, Morris Early Childhood Center (kindergarten), Lulu Ross Elementary  and now for sixth grade at Milford Central Academy.

The program provides some of the district’s youngest learners with an opportunity to learn and engage in two languages and cultures – English and Spanish – during the school day.

Immersion classes follow the same curriculum in all content areas: reading, writing, math, science, and social studies. 

Two teachers instruct students in this program,  one for half the day in English, and the other for half the day in Spanish.  

In the Spanish-speaking classrooms, the teacher speaks entirely in Spanish and uses a range of strategies including pictures, songs, games, body language, facial expressions and more. 

“Our guiding principles, marked by our strategic plan, will focus on academic excellence, supporting the whole student, empowering and investing in our people, and building our future,” Amory said. “We are confident that we will have a great school year, brimming with joy.  Our students and staff will continue their educational journey, seizing every opportunity and prioritizing self-care.”

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