Mr. Moribund’s Theatre of Terror announces October show

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The cast of Mr. Moribund’s Theater of Terror

The popular live show Mr. Moribund’s Theatre of Terror has announced their October show at the Riverfront Theatre. The show will feature the 1959 horror classic House on Haunted Hill, and show dates are Friday, October 13th, and Saturday the 14th.

“I’m very excited to present one of my favorite horror classics of all time,” said show creator and performer W.J. Walton, “House on Haunted Hill” still gives me chills after watching it dozens of times, and I can’t wait to share that with our audience, the Moribunch!”

The shows will each feature a screening of the film, along with live performances by the Theatre of Terror cast, live music and comedy, a costume contest, raffles, and audience participation. The “Moribunch” (fans of the show) have the opportunity to win one of a series of Moribund cereal boxes filled with prizes, along with other treats offered by local businesses, in the raffle that benefits True Colors, a charity aiding homeless LGBTQ+ teens and youths.

“The shows are events I look forward to every year. It’s such a great time. Just like the horror hosts you see on TV but live and much more entertaining,” Teresa, a fan of the show, said. “Lots of laughs, great music and audience participation. This small-town troupe works hard to give us quality entertainment and it shows in the imaginative details. We’re very lucky to have a show like this in our area. Highly recommended for loads of family fun.”

Mr. Moribund is preparing his Theater of Terror for the upcoming event as well as his Monster Ball

Since 2015, Mr. Moribund’s Theatre of Terror has presented a series of live shows at the Riverfront Theatre. The shows are modeled after the classic horror host television programs of the 1950s through today, and feature a classic film from the golden age of monster movies along with comedy sketches, live music and talent performances, costume contests, audience participation, and more. The shows often feature additional attractions, such as a macabre art show, art vendors, face painting, and more, in the lobby and outside of the venue to enjoy before the show.

“We don’t do commentary during the movie, like Mystery Science Theater, but we do spoof the movie in our comedy segments. The movies are very campy. In the past, we have shown “The Tingler” “Earth vs. Spider,” “The Brain Eaters” and “Robot Monster.” You get the combination of a classic horror movie mixed with live entertainment and audience participation. and two nights in October.”

Tickets are $5.00 per person and will only be sold at the door. Doors open at 7:00 PM and the show begins at 7:30 PM for both Friday and Saturday shows. I

Mr. Moribund performs as part of his Theater of Terror

Walton initially hoped to continue the “Mr. Moribund’s Monster Ball,” a mini festival which will be held on the front lawn of the theater and in a portion of the park across the street. This Monster Ball would feature artists, authors, and crafters of all sorts of macabre arts, plus live music on the theater patio, from 3pm to 7pm before the stage show begins. However, due to circumstances beyond his control, he made the decision to cancel the Monster Ball and hold a larger one next year.

“I regret to make the announcement that we will be canceling the Monster Ball for this year,” Walton posted on social media. “Some recent requirements have made it difficult for me to keep the event legal and safe for everyone involved. After our October show, I will begin preparing for a bigger and better Monster Ball in 2024, in another location. I’d love for all of you to attend. I will be posting updates on social media as I have them. If you would like to volunteer for Monster Ball 2024, or have any advice or guidance on event organization, please contact me on Facebook at Mr. Moribund’s Theatre of Terror.

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