Parker Group celebrates first anniversary

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Mike Moyer has recently been named Onsite Supervisor for the Milford office of the Parker Group

The Parker Group opened their third location in Milford, taking over the first floor of what is known as the Pikus Building and housed Lou’s Bootery for decades, last year. Although Dustin Parker explained that the office, they opened in Georgetown three years ago plus one in Lewes two years ago are thriving, Milford’s office has grown significantly in one year.

“My wife and I live just seven or eight minutes outside of town, so this is the community where we do most of our shopping, go the gym. We’ve also been fortunate to attract some great people that live in the area, so it has just been a great place for us to open up shop.”

Once the office opened, Parker explained that they decided to house their property management company, Neon Lease, in the Milford office as most of the properties they manage are in the area. This has also allowed the company to reach farther into Kent County as they have agents who travel from Dover, Smyrna and even Middletown. The growth of their property management company led to the Parker’s wooing Sara Bluhm, currently the Economic Development and Community Engagement Manager with the City of Milford to join them as the manager of the property management company.

“We have actually been impressed with role she played with the city. She’s just been such an impressive, incredible asset that it was kind of like a double edged sword,” Parker said. “We love the work that she was doing for the city. We were excited to bring her on board. She was the one who originally introduced us to our landlord, Dan Bond, who has since become a good friend. She’s been great for the community of Milford, and I think she will do great things for us as well.”

The Parker Group got into property management a few years ago “almost by mistake,” Parker explained. He stated that property management involves helping investors who may not live near the area handle rental properties, both residential and commercial. Parker explained that once an investor has more than two or three properties, if they cannot manage them full-time, it can be difficult. Their property management company addresses those issues.

“We kept having people come to us it seemed like almost every day, investors looking for property management because they needed help, and we were struggling to find people to send them to. In this market, there are a lot of individual agents that handle maybe a couple, but there were not many companies that did it on a larger scale or who had the technology systems in place,” Parker said. “We ourselves are investors, we own several properties, so we felt like we could use someone to manage ours. We wanted to provide that service to our clients, so that is what drew us to property management. With Sara coming on board now, we are really hoping to expand that team and that portfolio. We are one of the investors with Dan Bond that is remodeling the firehouse, so that will be part of the mix as part of our portfolio. We also have a really large project in Georgetown as well that will be significant for residential units we manage as well, so we are looking forward to growing that aspect.”

Real estate is still the primary focus for the Parker Group, however.

“It is what we started doing years ago and so that’s really what follows the rest of our businesses. We have around seven I think, but it really allows us to reach out to different communities and markets and then be able to offer other business services as well, such as property management, insurance and mortgage services,” Parker said. “Mike Moyer is becoming our on-site supervisor. So, we’re excited to bring his experience here in a more full time capacity. So, he’s one of the brokers that we have companies that will be focused on brokers and other offices.

Moyer explained that he took on the role, officially titled Onsite Supervisor, because moving into management in real estate was always something he wanted to do.

“I got my broker’s license in 2020, something I always wanted to do which was made easier during the shutdown,” Moyer said. “I really like helping other brokers succeed. I love helping others and this just made sense. I am also a huge supporter of Milford, so anything I can do to help the town grow, I am for it.”

The Parker Group is located at 48 North Walnut Street in Milford. Contact them by calling 302-217-6692 or visit their website.


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