Red-e-Bins offers unique spin on dumpster options

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Red-e-Bins will offer smaller sized dumpsters similar to this one

Anyone who has ever needed to use a dumpster knows how large they can be and, if you live in an area where outdoor space is limited, it can be difficult to find a location that will allow for something that size. Red-e-Bins hopes to address this problem with bins that start at 5-cubic yards.

“My brother and I decided to start this company,” Jon LoBiondo, an owner of the new company, said. “After searching multiple business opportunities, we thought this business had great potential. Red-e-Bins is a new take on the tried and true dumpster business. We have a unique delivery system for smaller dumpster bins in 5-, 10- and 15-cubic yard sizes. Our bins are perfect for small or tight spaces such as in-town driveways or small parking spaces. The trailer system delivers the bin flat on the ground without causing any damage to yards, curbing or driveways.”

LoBiondo and his brother, who also have two partners in the business, are Delaware natives, growing up in Lewes. LoBiondo graduated from Cape Henlopen High School, and he holds a master’s degree in curriculum and instruction as well as a certificate in administrative leadership. He has been with Milford School District for 25 years, holding positions as coach, teacher and assistant principal. He currently serves as the Supervisor of Transportation. He is married had has three children.

Red-E-Bins are perfect for small spaces

“Our bins are perfect for kitchen, bath or flooring renovations,” LoBiondo said. “They are also great for cleaning out your attic, basement or garage. We can provide a bin that meets any customer’s need.”

The brothers decided to start this business as they knew people in the industry. He explained they also realized there was a developing trend in the service industry with the growth in Delaware which provides opportunities in this market. LoBiondo believes having exclusive access to this type of new delivery system will set Red-e-Bins apart from other dumpster companies.

“The bulk of our business transactions will be conducted online,” LoBiondo said. “We are currently working with a website company to allow the customer to complete forms, check availability of bins through a digital calendar, order a bin and pay for them online. The bins are currently stored in Milford and will service both Kent and Sussex counties. We will initially be offering seven-day rentals for each size of bin.”

The actual days of operation will be Tuesdays and Thursdays, but LoBiondo explained that individual needs may be managed upon request. The biggest challenge to the company, according to LoBiondo, is that there are large companies that currently serve the entire Eastern shore which means Red-e-Bins will be going head-to-head with them. This will require a significant amount of attention to detail, excellent service and ongoing customer support.

Example of a small bin available at Red-E-Bins

“I am looking forward to the challenge of growing and developing our brand of dumpster business,” LoBiondo said. “It’s a unique, local model and will serve the community’s needs as well. We have innovative ideas about how to create awareness and connect with local communities in a way that we just don’t see other companies doing currently.”

LoBiondo explained that Red-e-Bins is working on a hiring plan in order to bring on qualified drivers who will help them scale up the business in the near future.

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