Ribbon cutting planned for Stewart’s Gourmet Candies & Snow Cones

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Freeze dried goodies available at Stewart’s Gourmet Candy and Snow Cones

What began as a hobby after she purchased a food drying machine officially becomes a brick and mortar store on Saturday, February 3 when Stewart’s Gourmet Candies & Snow Cones holds their grand opening and ribbon cutting. The ribbon cutting will be held at 2 PM that Saturday.

“We are so excited to hold the ribbon cutting,” Melissa Stewart, who owns the shop, said. “We opened in December, and it has already been great, especially on weekends. We offer our own freeze-dried specialties as well as retro and unique candy items you can’t find anywhere else.”

Inside the store, one wall contains the freeze-dried items Stewart makes herself, everything from Peeps to oatmeal pies to Skittles. Stewart began selling her freeze-dried creations online, trying out new and unique items regularly to see how they worked in the drying machine. She saw the idea on TikTok and decided to test a candy bar in her own machine, learning what worked and what did not. Stewart has tested pickles, Twinkies, Airheads, Sour Patch Kids plus much more.

Stewart’s also offers gourmet snow cones, bulk candies and unique, retro items

“We wanted to do more than the freeze dried items,” Stewart explained. “I started looking for items I remembered as a kid and found all types of novelty candy items. We have things like Razzles & Runts, candy dispensers with Garbage Pail Kids on them, light up lollipops and more. We wanted this to be a place where kids could have fun and find things they liked while also sending adults back to their childhood.”

Bulk candies like jellybeans, gummy bears and more are also available. Stewart even offers a champagne as well as chocolate covered gummy bears. Fudge is available by the pound, along with pretzels coated in butterscotch chips. Not wanting to limit herself to candy, Stewart also offers gourmet snow cones in flavors like dreamcicle, cotton candy, Barbie, Nana’s cheesecake and more.

To celebrate the grand opening, Stewart’s Gourmet Candies and Snow Cones is offering a free snow cone to the first 50 customers. The store is open Wednesday through Friday from 12 noon until 5 PM and on Saturday from 11 AM to 5 PM. They are located at 27 South Walnut Street in Milford. For more information call, 302-222-6929, email [email protected] or find them on Facebook.

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