Waves Car Wash opens in Milford

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Waves Car Wash is now open in Milford

Waves Car Wash, located in the former Duck In Car Wash location, opened in Milford recently. The company has been in operation since 2016, opening their first location in Lewes and offering a full-service car wash.

“Full service means we clean the interior for the customer,” Jonathan Ackaoui said. “Most of the industry has gone in the direction of “express exterior,” which means you go through the tunnel and vacuum the vehicle yourself with no full-service option. Wile that business model has lower labor costs, which of course are the largest expense for most businesses, we felt that it does not provide the level of service our customers want or that we like to provide.”

Ackaoui explained that the Milford location offers customers flexibility, allowing them to use the free vacuums or choose the full service option where they clean the interior for them.

Dave “DJ” Middleton was the first customer at Waves Car Wash

“We are so excited for our Milford customers to see what we did with the new wash, from the incredible LED light show and truly state of the art equipment in the tunnel, to the colorful lobby with massage chairs and free coffee that you can enjoy while you wait for your car to be cleaned,” Ackaoui said. “We have the most amazing customers and “surf crew,” the name we give our team members, and are incredibly fortunate to be able to open our second location in Milford, with current plans to open one to two additional locations in Delaware in 2024, creating tremendous opportunities for our current team.”

According to Ackaoui, Waves has been looking at Milford for an additional location for some time and they are thrilled to join the community.

“After understanding the growth that Milford has been experiencing and seeing that Milford was severely underserved as there was no active tunnel car wash in the market meeting today’s standards, we jumped at the opportunity,” Ackaoui said. “Providing our Unlimited Members the opportunity to wash at two locations is a great value add for the membership as well. We offer Milford Police vehicles free washes and look forward to finding other ways to serve the Milford community.”

Bob was the first Founding Club Member at the Milford location

The Milford location will offer similar services as they offer in Lewes, including express interior cleaning. The only difference is that the Milford location also has free vacuums for those who wish to clean the interior themselves.

“The biggest challenge to getting open was getting our electrical service upgrade,” Ackaoui said. “There is a national shortage of transformers due to COVID and recent hurricanes in Florida that wiped out thousands of transformers. Luckily, the City of Milford was able to procure us one in a reasonable timeframe.”

Waves Car Wash is hiring, although they are close to full staff. Anyone interested in joining the Waves Surf Crew can apply at http://www.wavescarwash.net.Employment. Waves Car Wash is open Monday through Friday from 8:30 AM until 7 PM, Saturday from 8:30 AM until 5 PM and on Sunday from 9 AM to 4 PM. They are located at 215 Aerenson Drive in Milford.

Waves Car Wash offers full-service for both the exterior and interior or customers can use the free vacuums to clean their own interior

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