Women’s Health: Tips to keep you well

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These tips can help women stay healthy (Photo courtesy of Bayhealth)

Women face many challenges today, from managing the schedules of their family, creating healthy work-life balance while also focusing on their own selfcare. Unfortunately, when it comes to health, the busy lifestyle of most women today can cause minor health issues to become major.  Dr. Michelle Cooper, OB-GYN with Bayhealth explains why health screenings are critical for women.

“Eating whole foods can help keep you healthy,” Dr. Cooper said. “It’s important to cut back on refined sugars and processed foods, such as bread and pasta. Women also need to increase their fruit and vegetable intake because most don’t eat nearly enough. Lastly, they should consider taking a multi-vitamin to make up for some of the gaps in their diet.”

There is a very important reason why women need to eat a healthy diet. Heart disease is the number one killer of women. What is equally important to know is that women may not recognize symptoms as a heart attack, blaming chest pain on heartburn or shortness of breath on walking too fast. Once a woman enters menopause, the risk of heart disease increases as well.

“Stress is a major cause of inflammation,” Dr. Cooper said. “Many women are juggling working and raising children, both inside and outside the home. They are also caring for spouses and family members, including elderly parents. It is important to address the mind-body connection and take time for yourself with yoga, Epsom baths or even ten minutes of meditation each day.”

Breast cancer is the second leading cause of cancer in women, with skin cancer the first. Monthly self-examinations are a critical step in early diagnosis as are regular mammograms. In addition to self-breast examination, women should also have an annual pap smear to detect the early stages of cervical cancer. Women over the age of 45 should also have regular colorectal screenings.

For more information on women’s health, visit Bayhealth’s website.

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