Banners recognizing Milford’s military available from DMI

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Banners like these will begin adorning lightposts in downtown Milford starting in September and are currently available for order from DMI

Downtown Milford Inc. (DMI) revived their banner program throughout downtown and along the Riverwalk. The revitalization began around Christmas 2021 with colorful holiday themed banners. According to Joseph Phillips, chairman of the banner project, the City of Milford installed new hardware in order to attach the banners.

“In the middle of the initial order and installation, we were contacted by a Milford resident who suggested we do banners for veterans,” Phillips said. “Of course, we thought this was a great idea. We researched printers and set up the timeline and here we are. We are all very excited.”

According to Phillips, a veteran himself, there are currently about 80 locations where the banners can be hung, some of which already have banners attached. The Milford Salutes banners recognizing military veterans will replace what is displayed currently. All banners and hardware are attached to black light posts around downtown, in the parks and along the Riverwalk. An additional 20 sets of hardware can be added for overflow, Phillips explained.

“The deadline for ordering a banner is July 29. Banners will not be printed until payment is received and a printing proof approved by the purchaser,” Phillips said. “We are asking that banners be ordered as early as possible. The printer promised these would be delivered by August 29th and we want to get them up by September 1st. They will remain up until around November 15th when the holiday banners will replace them.”

Hanging of the banners is included in this year’s cost, Phillips stated but for $10 per year, they can be replaced next year and for future years. DMI is keeping a database of who purchases banners so they will be notified when it is time to send in the $10 payment for future years.

“The online data entry is pretty easy,” Phillips said. “It follows the template we suggested. WE need a digital picture, preferably of the person in uniform, the veteran’s name, branch of service, period of service and who is honoring the veteran. The template does not include rank, military campaigns or awards.”

To order a banner which are $125 each, visit Payment can be made by check dropped off to the DMI office located at 10 South Walnut Street in Milford or via Paypal. For more information, email [email protected].

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