Black Women in World War II: Greatness Under Fire

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Dante Brizill

The Milford Museum American History Series continues with a program to celebrate Black History Month titled “Black Women in WWII: Greatness Under Fire.” Presented by author and teacher Dante Brizill, the program will take place on Saturday, February 10, 1:00 p.m. at the Milford Public Library. Brizill is the author of the publicaton “Black Women in WWII: Greatness Under Fire,” his third book in the “Greatness Under Fire” series. An often-overlooked chapter in our history, this presentation will introduce some of the key figures and events in this historical drama.

Brizill’s book tells the story of the “Black Roses,” an extraordinary group of women who worked In factories, shipyards and also served overseas, overcoming many barriers to serve the country. Their stories have been largely hidden and Brizill’s book provides insight into their service. The program at the libray will detail how these women brought valuable talents and knowledge to the war effort.

Female African American welders at the Landers, Frary, and Clark plant in Connecticut, 1943. Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division

Currently teaching at Polytech High School, Dante Brizill has been a Social Studies educator in Maryland and Delaware for the past 19 years. A Philadelphia native, he has a B.A. in History from Hampton University and a Masters in Education from Wesley College. A published author, he has written a series titled ‘Greatness Under Fire’ that highlights African American heroes of WWII. This is the final installment of the ‘Greatness Under Fire’ series. He has also written articles that have appeared in newspapers around the nation as well as nationally published periodicals.

Sponsored by the Milford Museum, these monthly programs focus on a variety of topics concerning local, state, and national history.  These presentations are held on the second Saturday of each month, at 1:00 p.m., in the Milford Public Library.  The Milford Public Library is located at 11 S.E. Front Street in Milford, Delaware. For more information, please contact the Museum at (302) 424-1080, [email protected]. These programs are offered through a generous grant from The Delaware Heritage Commission.


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