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City to get $63,000 rebate on energy efficiency contract

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The city of Milford will get a rebate from a company it contracted to help lower the use of electricity in the city. Photo by Burly Vinson/Pexels

Money was a frequent topic at this week’s Milford City Council meeting.

The council heard that the city will get a $60,000-plus return on a three-year contract it paid Efficiency Smart, and that the city’s customer service department brought in $51 million during the last fiscal year.

Power news

The council voted to renew the city’s contract with  Efficiency Smart effective March 1.

Efficiency Smart is a non-profit organization based in of Ohio that works with municipal electric companies, such as Delaware Municipal Electric Coop, to reduce electric load by offering incentives, rebates and advice to customers.

Tom Coyle, district manager of the program, said the town paid Efficiency Smart $341,000 in a three year contract, which saved the town $2.2 million in electric costs.

“Our contract with Efficiency Smart sets goals that are to be met by Efficiency Smart in reducing the city’s electric load,” said City Manager Mark Whitfield.

If Efficiency Smart does not meet the goals laid out, they are obligated to give money back to the city.

Efficiency Smart will owe the city of Milford a rebate of more than $63,000 due to not meeting the peak summer hours usage goal.  

The rebate will go back into the city’s electric fund and will be used to offset costs within the electric department.

Customer service

Suzannah Frederick, director of Milford’s customer service department, said $51 million was brought in by her team during the last completed fiscal year.

She said the department is fully staffed with five clerks, including two who speak Spanish.

Since the city implemented the ability for customers to pay over the phone this year, Frederick said 2,100 such payments have been made.

These phone payments have resulted in less disconnections for unpaid accounts, particularly for accounts receiving collection calls.

Among other items: 

  • Milford Town Manager Mark Whitfield will be getting a 3% raise based on performance after a unanimous council vote of approval Monday.
  • The city will pay $500,000 for a new fire truck for the Carlisle Fire Co. “The fire truck business obviously isn’t cheap,” said president Louis Sachs.
  • Sachs also announced that fire company member Steve Ellingsworth was named Kent County Volunteer Firefighter of the Year, recognizing his 50 years of service. “Stevie has stepped up through many, many years on our financial committee and makes sure that we’re being fiscally responsible,” Sachs said.



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