Community comes out in force to learn more about new golf course

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People line up to get into the new Pro Shop at the Southern Delaware Golf Course open house

Hundreds lined up outside the new Pro Shop on the Southern Delaware Golf Course, the former Shawnee Country Club and Rookery North course currently under renovation by Tim Johnson at an open house on Saturday, December 9. Johnson explained that he held the open house to introduce people to memberships and offer branded items that could be used as Christmas gifts and that he was amazed at the turnout.

“Basically, we’re having an open house to offer our membership for the 2024 season, and then limit it to 250 memberships as it’s a public course. That way people can sign up and make tee times and then Jeff from Big Oyster is having some products and drink and some food as he’s gonna be opening in late April or May,” Johnson said. “We’re shooting for May 1 that we will open to the public. There’s a time constraint now that winter is here. Things like paving won’t be done until probably April as the weather needs to be warmer. Things like lighting the parking lot, walkway lighting, the brewery’s got to be built. So basically, we’re introducing it because a lot of people are asking what do you get your spouse for Christmas? So hopefully they’ll buy a T shirt or, or golf shirt, a hat and a membership. So that’s why we wanted to be open for the holiday, so we can introduce it to everybody. Get them excited, give them something to look forward to.”

Golf shirts will be available for sale at the Pro Shop along with hats, t-shirts and other golfing supplies

Johnson stated that the Pro Shop was not officially open yet as they were still waiting for the City of Milford to tie in electric, water and sewer but he hoped it would only be a month or two. At the open house, Big Oyster provided their new food truck as well as some of their signature beers for the event. Although the footprint of the former Shawnee Country Club will not change, it is being completely renovated and one section torn down to build the brewery portion of the establishment. At a city council meeting when approval was granted for the new brewpub, Jeff Hamer explained that the brewery would likely offer signature beers that would only be available at the golf course location, something similar to what they have done at other locations.

“I don’t think you could get a warmer welcome in any other town in Delaware than in the town of Milford,” Hamer said. “Residents have shown my staff at Big Oyster that every time we are up there working. What a friendly community! Can’t wait to officially be a part of it on a day-to-day basis. We are truly blessed.”

Those attending the open house were excited to see the changes to the course. Ray, who lives on the course, was looking forward to being able to once again walk over and play golf. Although there will be memberships, it is also a public golf course so anyone can play. His friend, Joe, agreed.

Crowds gather inside the Pro Shop

“The course is good, it has changed significantly,” Joe said. “They changed it in a few areas and cut down quite a few trees. That may actually make the course easier.”

Ray commented that people were out working on the course from sunup to sundown most days, adding that he noticed repair and replacement to the irrigation system which had been a problem on the course in the past.

“This is a great thing for Milford,” Butch Elzey said. “Tim Johnson does amazing things, and this course will be amazing. I am really looking forward to visiting and kudos to Tim for doing what he is doing.


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