Delaware State Police Announce New Electronic Fingerprinting Services

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Delaware State Police (DSP) has partnered with IDEMIA, a top-tier identity security and authentication solutions provider for state and local agencies, to offer “IdentoGO” as a way for the public to securely prove their identity in person or online to enable trusted transactions. With more than two decades in the industry IdentoGO by IDEMIA has established a reputation for accuracy, reliability, and professionalism. Their services aim to enhance the capture, accuracy, tracking, and delivery of record information for background checks, ultimately improving the process.

Delaware citizens will greatly benefit from this program as it offers a convenient web portal and call center for scheduling enrollment sessions. The portal gives authorized users secure access to their status and results, thereby minimizing the wait time for results to be delivered after a fingerprinting service. The process will be made more efficient by IdentoGO as it eliminates the manual scanning and processing of fingerprint cards by the DSP State Bureau of Identification (SBI).

“Our goal is to deliver trusted identity verification solutions for citizens and businesses in mission-critical sectors as seamlessly as possible,” said Captain Andrew Lloyd, Director of the State Bureau of Identification for the Delaware State Police. “IDEMIA’s biometric technology solutions enable us to enroll, issue, and verify physical and digital identity credentials in a timely and secure manner.”

All enrollment centers are branded as “IdentoGo” and are staffed by a team of professionals who strive to create a modern, professional, and clean environment for customers.  IDEMIA is responsible for training and managing the employees at these centers.

The state of Delaware is expanding its enrollment centers, increasing the total number from 3 to 9. There are currently three enrollment centers available, one in each county, which can be found at the SBI offices. In addition, partnering locations can be found conveniently located in Seaford, Milford, Dover, Middletown, Newark, and Wilmington. To stay informed about upcoming locations, we encourage you to regularly visit our website for updates.




We also offer fingerprinting options for non-residents or customers who are unable to visit a Delaware fingerprinting location. During registration, customers will have the ability to select from additional options. The map displays a comprehensive list of fingerprinting locations spread across the nation.


“Every educator, school staff member, school volunteer and childcare professional must pass a background check before they begin work in our schools and childcare programs. Delaware State Police have long performed this vital work. This advancement will make it more convenient for future employees and volunteers to complete this check and help us more quickly get needed personnel into our schools and childcares to support our learners,” said Dr. Mark Holodick, Delaware’s Secretary of Education.


Our collaboration with IDEMIA guarantees a seamless and user-friendly approach to identity verification and background checks for customers. Our aim is to streamline the appointment scheduling process and provide a stress-free experience for all Delaware citizens. With just a few clicks, you can easily select your preferred location and complete the process quickly and hassle-free. Appointments starting September 5, 2023, will be completed through Identogo. Existing appointments will be honored. Should you have any inquiries about our background check services, please do not hesitate to contact us via email at [email protected].


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