Football nights at Bob Peoples Stadium

Nick Halliday Headlines, Sports

Caravel Buccaneers Football team entering the field, photo by Nick Halliday


Caravel Academy’s Bob Peoples Stadium was one of the first premier stadiums in the state. The turf field, lights, large scoreboard and two large bleachers that match in size on both the home and away side of the stadium. Not to mention tons of room along the fence that surrounds the track where fans can take in the game as well. 


Both teams enter the stadium from the home side of the stadium where there are two large locker rooms located under the home bleachers. For an away team this can be a little intimidating since they have to hear the band and the cheers for the home team right over top of their heads when they are in their locker room. 


The band takes up the near side of the home bleachers while the student section takes the far side. Then the rest of Buccaneers faithful fill in the middle and the fence surrounding the track. Then the cheerleaders are right in front of the stands on the track. The home side of the stadium is always packed with Buccaneers fans which creates a great cheering section for the home team. 


Like I mentioned in the opening, Bob Peoples Stadium has one of the largest visitors side bleachers. If you are coming in as an opposing team it’s a great place to take in the game with more than adequate seating then most stadiums. The only reason you would have to go over to the home side of the stadium is for concessions which Caravel does a great job with. 


When you walk in you can see the lights on in the concession stand which has two large serving areas and smoke coming front the grilles. The front of the concession stand is always packed with customers, but also fans who take in some of the heat on colder nights. It still is a good spot for both teams to congregate and grab some good food as well as hot chocolate.

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