Jordan Dutton selected as Milford Central Academy Assistant Principal

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Jordan Dutton was recently selected as the new Assistant Principal at Milford Central Academy

Jordan Dutton was recently selected as the new Assistant Principal at Milford Central Academy. Dutton comes to Milford from Lake Forest School District where he last served as Assistant Principal. Dutton is married and has two young children.

“I was born and raised in Milford and currently live in Lincoln,” Dutton said. “I was a Milford School District student up to the eighth grade, graduating from Sussex Tech in 2004. My first teaching job was at the “old” Milford Middle School. I spent the last decade of my career in the Lake Forest School District as an ILC teacher, Level IV teacher, Honors ELA teacher and a special education teacher. I also served as a Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment Specialist and finally an Assistant Principal.”

Education is actually Dutton’s second career and one he entered because he wanted the opportunity to do meaningful work. Teaching was a way to make positive impacts on students and it continues to be what draws him to education.

“I saw the move to administration as an opportunity to expand the impact I can have,” Dutton said. “As a teacher, I only got to see 90 or so kids a year, whereas as an administrator, I have the ability to impact every single student, every single day. I also get to be an instructional leader for the staff and be an integral part of the reason the building can improve.”

Dutton feels that the primary challenge in public education today is to hire and retain effective teachers. His main goal is to be the best assistant principal that he can be and to serve the community effectively.

“The greatest achievements I have ever accomplished have always been the relationships I have been lucky enough to form with students and staff,” Dutton said. “They have spanned my entire career and I expect will continue into the future. Strictly academic achievements such as successful implementation of structures and processes or curriculum adoptions will always pale in comparison.”

Dutton is hopeful that the past couple of years are moving behind us which will lead to a heavy focus on how to “school” again that is most beneficial to students.

“Learning or re-learning how to interact with peers and how to handle social situations and conflict resolution is really important,” Dutton said. “We won’t be abel to get to the academic aspect of education until we begin to remedy some of the social-emotional deficits of the recent past. Overall, just making connections an being accessible will be the foundation of all future success at MCA.”

Meeting the widest range of needs for MCA students is what Dutton feels will be most challenging in his new position.

“We cover a very diverse background of students, each with their own needs and understanding this will be the biggest challenge, but also provide the opportunity for the greatest growth,” Dutton said. “Challenges are only opportunities in disguise.”

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