Leaders to gather Wednesday in Milford to talk arts

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Arts, business and political leaders will attend a presentation Wednesday about a new arts steering plan. Photo by Anna Kolosyuk/Unsplash.

Arts, business and political leaders will gather Wednesday, Aug. 2, at the Milford Public Library Amphitheater to talk about the creative economy.

The meeting at 10 a.m. will focus on the “Creative Economy and Cultural Tourism Recovery and Growth Plan” that’s been put together by the Delaware Arts Alliance and is expected to include government agencies at local, state and federal levels.

Believed to be he first of its kind in the nation, this effort ultimately will engage hundreds of Delawareans from diverse backgrounds to produce a shared vision, advocacy tools and actionable policy agenda for advancing Delaware’s creative economy.

The event is open to the public. Reservations are requested here.

The alliance chose Milford for the launch of its new project because of its central location and commitment to the arts. Input at the meeting is expected to help shape it, alliance materials say.

The “creative economy” is defined based on UNESCO’s categories, including performance & celebration, books & press, music recording & publishing, natural and cultural heritage, visual arts & crafts, audiovisual & interactive media, and design & creative services.

The alliance is working on the plan with the Delaware Division of the Arts to foster growth in the arts, culture and tourism.

“Our aim is to develop the ‘Creative Economy and Cultural Tourism Recovery and Growth Plan’ as a clear roadmap that outlines the necessary policy changes and investments required for the sector’s success – including nonprofits, for-profit businesses, and individual artists,” the alliance website said.

“Supporting the creative economy is a key strategy for addressing various economic, social, and policy issues within the state, and is crucial for the state’s tourism and economic recovery.”

The alliance points to the strong state and federal support for the arts in Delaware during the COVID-19 pandemic, with many heads of those organizations saying Delaware was far mor generous than other states.

“We now have the opportunity to imagine our state beyond recovering from the impacts of COVID-19 and focus on the strategic growth and long-term sustainability of a locally produced creative sector,” the website says. “Through data analysis, policy benchmarking and regulatory review, and thorough community engagement, we are excited to produce a plan that builds upon Delaware’s strengths and successes and removes barriers for creatives.”

The project is expected to include an online interactive asset map; economic impact study; and policy analysis/agenda. That will include a look at the state of Delaware, all three counties and six specific municipal areas: Wilmington, Dover, Georgetown, Smyrna, Middletown and Milford).

To take part in a survey that will help inform the plan, go here.

For more information, contact Project Manager Chonnie Blair, at [email protected] or Neil Kirschling, executive cirector at [email protected]

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