Middle School project moves forward, demolition begins

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The brick portion of Milford Middle School will remain while the board approved demolition of the newer wings in preparation for construction

The Milford Middle School project on Lakeview Avenue moved forward recently after the Milford School District Board of Education approved the submission of construction documents to the State Division of Facilities Management as well as a bid from DIS Associates LLC in Elkton, Maryland, to begin demolition of portions of the building.

“Tonight, we are seeking approval to submit construction documents based on designs we have shared previously with the board, the architect team and the construction management team to Facilities Management,” Mike Sharp, Supervisor of Buildings and Grounds, said.

Board member Jean Wylie pointed out that it was recommended that the district retain a copy of the plans for local reference, asking where those documents would be stored. Sharp explained they would be retained at the district office.

“I know one time there was a problem with finding the copy of some record plans before years ago,” Wylie said. “I just wanted to make sure that if they’re supposed to be documented that they’re in a local reference place.”

Sharp explained that before he took over each building had a set of plans, but now things were stored electronically as well as on paper. They were also required to upload to the state website as well. Wylie also asked about information that was required of contractors and Sharp explained that documentation of building supplies would be completed for the future.

“So, like extra tiles,” Sharp said. “We’ll have the exact book that says what doors were ordered so we can order those doors in the future.”

After approving the submission of documents to the state unanimously, the board approved a bid for demolition of some sections of the building.

“We had a bid opening for the bid packet for the demolition at the old middle school, the Lakeview side if everybody remembers that side,” Sharp said. “This would be recommended after reviewing with RYJ, DIS Associates LLC from Elkton, Maryland. They were the low bidder at $744,000. This work would start later this month and will be completed August 22, the day before Thanksgiving.”

Only the newer wings of the historic building, known as the Lakeview section, will be demolished with the original brick structure, built in the 1920s, remaining and new wings built that will complement the historic look of the structure.

It is anticipated the school will be open for 5th and 6th grade students in 2025.

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