Milford Museum receives Santa donation

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The Santa Collection of Jane Pugh Churchman is on display at the Milford Museum

The Milford Museum was recently the recipient of the Jane Pugh Churchman Santa Collection, an extensive collection of memorabilia collected over many years. The family of Churchman, who was born in Leipsic and later lived in Dewey Beach, generously donated the items to spread her Christmas spirit. The figurines include ceramics, ornaments and animated figurines. The collection is now on display at the Milford Museum and some of the items are available for sale.

“Mom transformed her home into a magical Christmas wonderland during the holidays,” Giancarla Churchman, her daughter-in-law said. “A gracious hostess for all seasons, her warmth and hospitality were reflected in the genuine care she took to create this memorable annual celebration of Christmas, showcasing her cherished Santa collection from nostalgic St. Nicholas to cleverly-created-Claus. There was not a nook without his beaming face, not a cranny without his cheerful countenance, throughout her entire home. A charming delight for children of all ages, from family to friend to acquaintance. Mom shared her love of this special time of year with all who entered her home and none who visited soon forgot Christmas at the Churchman’s.”

All proceeds of the sale of select Santa’s will benefit the Milford Museum mission of preserving history for future generations.

Some of the many Santa figures on display at the Milford Museum

“We are so excited to offer this Christmas display this year,” Nicole Rogers, Operations Manager, said. “We have transformed the museum into a virtual North Pole with the Santa items prominently displayed. Many of the Santa’s are valuable while others have sentimental value to the members of the Churchman family. We will be returning those to the family after the holiday season, but they have graciously allowed us to raise funds with a few of the priceless family heirlooms. Thank you to Denise Curtis, Jane’s niece, for making this possible.”

The Milford Museum is located at 121 South Walnut Street in Milford and is open Tuesday through Saturday from 10:00 AM until 3:30 PM. For more information, contact them at 302-424-1080.

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