Milford resident requests Milford become Purple Heart City

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Signs like these could appear in Milford if council approves a request to name the town as a Purple Heart City

At a recent City Council meeting, John Jackson, a member of the Delaware Military Order of the Purple Heart, spoke during the 15-minute public comment section to ask that council agree to name Milford as a Purple Heart City. Agreeing to be included as Purple Heart City would allow the order to provide plaques stating that fact as well as parking signs for businesses.

“The parking signs would have a purple heart on it in order to welcome combat wounded veterans,” Jackson said. “We’ve done this in Milton, Mission Barbecue up in Dover, in Lewes. So, as I said, we’re not interested in anybody being harassed about parking in that spot because you wouldn’t know when they are parking there normally, whether they had a Purple Heart or not. And that’s not what we’re interested in. We’re interested in getting some publicity for veterans in general and giving the city the opportunity to give a big welcome home or thank you for your service.”

Jackson continued, explaining that in order for a soldier to be awarded a Purple Heart, they must be wounded in combat with an enemy of the United States.

“And that traditionally is what it’s been that, basically, you have to have bled,” Jackson said. “People that have traumatic brain injury, PTSD, which we all know there are a lot of, don’t earn the purple heart. You actually have to been wounded in combat.”

According to Jackson, he and Mayor Archie Campbell had a discussion at a local restaurant about issuing a proclamation and officially naming the city a Purple Heart City at the Riverwalk Freedom Festival planned for September.

“This whole program is part of our national organization,” Jackson said. “A few years ago, we started something called Purple Heart Trail. This is part of that trail. So, there are states, like Delaware, that are a Purple Heart state. There are cities that are Purple Heart cities, like Dover. There are counties, both Kent County and Sussex County are Purple Heart counties. As I mentioned earlier, the parking signs, businesses let us put up Purple Heart parking sign there. So, we’d really be happy if Milford would join us in becoming a Purple Heart city.”

Since Jackson presented his request during public comment, council was unable to discuss the matter with him. Mayor Campbell stated that he would see that the request was placed on a future agenda for further discussion.

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