Sunmed opens in Milford Commons

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Bobby and Jennifers Spencer with their partner, Katie Cotto, at the new Sunmed Your CBD Store location

Sunmed Your CBD Store recently opened in Milford Commons Shopping Center, located at 963 North Dupont Boulevard. The store offers a variety of CBD products as well as education regarding how CBD works and its benefits on overall health.

“I have lived in Delaware my entire life and I was on four of five different medications,” Bobby Spencer, co-owner of the store said. “I was tired of the side effects from the medication, so I went into the Your CBD Store in Dover. She got me on a great regimen and now I’m off all of my medicines. So, for me it was like a life changing event that took place with me. My wife’s an RN and she’s a partner here as well. I pitched it to her, and she did a lot of research before we invested. If we had done it any other way except for Your CBD store, she wouldn’t have done it but because it’s scientifically based, they test you know all the products in the middle and then the end. It’s just a really good company that is out to help people. So that was a big one for me.”

Your CBD Store is the largest brick-and-mortar CBD chain in the United States and Sunmed is their premium, hemp-based line of wellness products. The company was created to change lives and help them live better lives each day. The company does not make false claims or promote products that are not science-based, something that was important to Spencer when he and his wife decided to open their store. The founder of Your CBD Store, Rachael Quinn, was looking for a way to deal with her own health issues and discovered CBD. She opened her first store in 2018 in Florida.

Sunmed Your CBD Store has opened in Milford Commons

“We’re at, I think 500 stores across the country. And it’s more of a we’re trying to bridge the gap and help people more than just the recreational side. We have both but about three fourths of the store is fundamental products like water solubles, we have oil tipsters, creams, topicals. In fact, we have the number one topical in the country,” Spencer said. “And then we have pet things, treats for pets. And then beauty products, massage oils. There are a lot of different products that we offer. We have seltzers and vapes, a little bit of everything when it comes to CBD. And, in our products are we don’t use isolates in our products like other companies. That means whatever you take today will be the same effect that you’ll get three years from now.”

In addition to sales of products, Spencer offers education about how CBD works. His wife has also educated groups on receptors in the body and which products benefit what medical issues someone may be facing. Spencer and his wife plan to be at various festivals as well as at the library offering additional education about their products.

“We don’t make claims directly about what CBD can help with as there are still studies being done,” Spencer said. “But it truly does help with anxiety and depression. I can speak wholeheartedly on that. I was on Xanax, Prozac, everything you can imagine, and I don’t take any of that now because of CBD. People come in here all the time for pain and our topical is awesome as you are getting direct contact. It’s really an effective tool, but we also partner it with other treatments, like physical therapy and meditation.”

Interior of SunMed Your CBD Store

According to Harvard Healthy, there have been studies that show CBD, which stands for cannabidiol, offers some medical benefits. It has been used successfully in the treatment of childhood seizure disorders. Studies have also found that CBD may reduce anxiety and insomnia. An animal study conducted in Europe found that CBD applied to the skin directly reduced pain from arthritis while others have found it helpful in the treatment of neuropathy. While CBD is an essential component in medical marijuana, it is actually derived from the hemp plant and manufactured in laboratories. CBD does not cause the “high” reported from marijuana use although Spencer warns that those how must undergo drug tests should be sure to use broad spectrum CBD products rather than full spectrum.

“Broad spectrum hemp products are non-detectable,” Spencer said. “Half of our products are broad spectrum while the other half are full spectrum. When CBD is paired with physical therapy and meditation, it is an amazing alternative to big pharma.”

Sunmed Your CBD Store is currently open from 10 AM until 7 PM Monday through Saturday. They plan to hold a grand opening celebration on May 6 starting at 10 AM with food provided by My Sister’s Fault. Dane Melvin from UNITED Church will play guitar and sing at the event. There will also be a spin-wheel giveaway where someone can win a basket containing products, gift cards from area businesses and more value at $500.

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