Warehouse incubator space approved in business park

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Artist rendering of new warehouse flex spaces planned for the Milford Industrial Park

Milford City Council recently approved a warehouse flex project that will be located in the business park off of Airport Road. The buildings are designed as incubator spaces for new business with as many as 16 office and warehouse spaces.

“This is a two acre lot on the nose of Vickers Drive and Mullett Run. We oriented the site kind of in a north/south orientation to make use of the longer sections of land there on the east side of the site and in addition to going into the west side as best available. Also orientating into north/south provides a means of doing a flow through drive access,” Steven LeMasters of EAA Engineering Science and Technology, said. “So, for the flex use tenants, they require deliveries for storage, and it gives them an opportunity to pull in, stop at their overhead doors and man doors, unload and then pull straight through without having to worry about any sort of odd negotiations. With vehicular traffic, internally as described by Mr. Pierce, there are three buildings located on the site. Two of the larger ones are broken into seven units each and then one smaller one down in the southeast corner broken into two units.”

The request before council was for a conditional use since there would be multiple tenants in the units rather than just one. LeMasters explained that the entire project was designed as startup incubation or space for small businesses which was something needed in the City of Milford.

“So, the thought was of somebody essentially being in a 10-by-10 office space in there to manage the business was desired. So, there was a portion of that buildings kind of allocated to offices. As far as parking goes, it is in surplus with what’s required, complete zoning, compliant,” LeMasters said. “Being located in the business park itself, all the utilities we are looking at are out there, water, sewer, gas, electric, which we fully intend on hooking up to and utilizing. In addition, there’s regional stormwater management facilities within the business park The start of that is on the bottom right hand side itself, in the east corner of the site starts a finger conveyance channel of a regional stormwater management fund as a part of the stormwater management requirements, up to 75% of the site, the entire two acres can be utilized as impervious coverage, and we’re not coming close to that 75% We’re well under and compliant.”

LeMasters explained that the only stipulation placed on the project by the Planning Commission was that additional exterior treatments be added on the rear and side of the buildings since it will be visible from three sides.

“There was a condition placed on the application as far as dressing up the building, breaking up the long runs of the buildings with some architectural features, whether it be windows or gables or something like that to break it up,” Lemasters said. “The applicant is absolutely on board with providing some additional features to pretty up those three sides.”

Council approved the request unanimously. Councilman Dan Marabello felt the project was a good use of the land and Councilman Mike Boyle stated that this was an asset that was needed as well as a good use for a lot that had been empty for some time. Councilman Andy Fulton felt that this project would also create jobs.

“I vote yes for the same reasons,” Councilman Todd Culotta said. “You know, the smaller units are great for small businesses, which of course create jobs. And this is a great use of land because I believe this was originally slated for Touch of Italy, but unfortunately, that didn’t work out but this is a great, great solution.”

Councilwoman Nirmal Samaroo also felt that it was a great mixture for the industrial park and Councilwoman Katrina Wilson was thankful for the enhancements in the business park. Councilman Jason James also felt it was the best use of land in the park.

“It fits within our comprehensive plan and the requirements of conditional use,” Councilwoman Katrina Wilson said. “I’m thankful for all the enhancements they’re making in the business park.”




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