Winter Sports schedule announced for Milford Parks and Recreation

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Youth basketball is just one of the Winter Programs offered by Milford Parks & Recreation

Winter is fast approaching which has led Milford Parks and Recreation to release their Winter Sports schedule for the upcoming year. Sports run from November through March and include Youth Basketball, Taekwon-Do, Wrestling, Pickleball and Indoor Soccer. There are also Pickleball and Dodgeball Leagues available.

“We are excited to offer these programs to children and adults in Milford,” Brad Dennehy, Director of Parks and Recreation, said. “We are especially excited for the opening of our new pickleball courts in Memorial Park which will offer even more opportunities for people to play the game.” There are currently pickleball courts near the Parks & Rec building on Franklin Street, but after overwhelming request from the public, additional courts are under construction in Memorial Park which should be completed very soon.

Youth Basketball will begin with evaluations on December 16 with games beginning January 2. There is a 6-7 year old instructional league as well as leagues for 8-9, 10-11 and 12-14 years old. The instructional league costs $50 per player while older leagues are $60 per player. Practice and game information can be found on the Parks and Recreation website.

Taekown-Do and Self Defense is also offered this winter. It will be held in the Mispillion Elementary School gym starting January 8 on Monday and Wednesdays, running until February 28 from 5 to 6 PM. Participants will receive instruction on basic blocks and strikes. Basic self-defense and awareness skills are also part of the program. However, it is important to note that marital arts focus on positive ways to empower individuals and helps them become more confident. The class is led by Derek Mola, a certified Taekwon-Do ITF and WTF with more than 25 years’ experience. The cost of the class is $60 per person. Participants must be seven or older.

Youth Wrestling begins on November 9 and runs through January 4 in the Milford High School Wrestling Room from 6 to 7:30 PM on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Participants must be between the ages of 5 and 12. The cost is $60 per person.

Indoor Soccer, for ages 7 through 11, begins with evaluations on December 10 from 1:30 to 2:15 PM with the program starting January 7 and running through March 3. There are leagues for ages 7-8, 9-10, 11-14 as well as a beginner program for 5-6 year old’s. Games are Sundays with times that vary depending on the league. The cost for the beginner program is $25 per person while the older leagues are $50 per person.

In addition to programs for children, Milford Parks and Recreation also offers programs for adults. An Adult Dodgeball League is in the process of being formed so those interested must add their name to a waitlist. The fee is not required until the league is officially formed and those who register must provide a teammate name. A minimum of six players is required to register a team. Team captains will be contacted for payment once the program is officially created. Individuals may sign up for the waitlist and will be contacted about teams as well as payment once the league is established. The cost for individuals is $10 per person and teams $60 per person. Players must be 15 years or older.

A Pickleball League has been created and will be played at the Milford Boys and Girls Club on Mondays from 6:30 to 8:30 PM starting January 8 and running through March 11. The fee is $60 for a team and $30 for individuals. Those who sign up as an individual will be assigned a random team for the duration of the league. Players must be 15 or older.

Because it is a league, players must sign up and list their partners during enrollment. Teams play one game per week, and this is not a USAPA sanctioned program. This means it will not operate within the same constraints. The goal of the league is to allow players at all levels to play competitively under a leaderboard system that offers success for everyone. An explanation of the leaderboard system will be sent upon signing up for the program. All participants must provide their own paddles.

In addition to the leagues, Parks and Recreation offers drop in pickleball at the Milford Boys and Girls Club starting January 10 and running through February 28. It is held on Wednesdays from 9 to 11 AM. There is a six player minimum per team and the cost is $25 per person. This is designed for social play and courts cannot be reserved.

An adult drop-in basketball program is also available starting January 10 through February 28. The games are held on Wednesdays from 6:30 to 8:30 PM. There is a $25 one-time fee for the entire season or players can pay $5 for a one-night drop in. The program is held at the Milford Boys and Girls Club and is open for those 20 or older.

For more information about programs offered by Milford Parks and Recreation, contact them by calling 302-422-1104 or visit their website.

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