Board has first read of updated strategic plan

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Compass graphic used to highlight changes in the Milford School District strategic plan

At a recent meeting, Dr. Bridget Amory, Director of Student Learning, presented the first draft of the updated District Strategic Plan. The plan was compiled with input from students, staff, caregivers and community members.

“We’ve agreed upon a path forward,” Dr. Amory said. “In keeping with our Buccaneer theme, we agreed that we will be ‘Charting a Course to Excellence’ throughout Milford School District. The steering committee convened multiple times to guide the key elements of the plan which include a portrait of a Buccaneer, revision of our core beliefs, vision mission, as well as a priority compass.”

The compass presented included statements such as “Building Our Future,” “Supporting the Whole Student,” “Empowering and Investing in Our People,” and “Academic Excellence.” According to the presentation, the strategic plan will support each student’s social, emotional and behavioral well-being, provide equitable access to academic excellence and high-quality instruction, recognize that the people who work in Milford are the driving force behind its success and evaluation, planning and future development of district facilities and systems of engagement.

“Revised statements include a vision statement that reads ‘Milford School District students will be prepared with the attributes, knowledge and skills to fulfill their life pursuits,’” Dr. Amory said. “A mission statement that reads ‘the mission of Milford school district is to provide all learners a comprehensive individualized education in a safe, supportive, rigorous environment where learners are prepared to grow and thrive in a global society.’”

Dr. Amory explained that the new plan narrowed the district focus on the four main core areas described in the introduction.

“Each of the elements contributes to setting the stage for the next several years of focus throughout Milford schools,” Dr. Amory said. “The strategic planning process elevated stakeholder voices through a survey that was completed by over 1000 of our community individuals, and numerous focus groups designed to gather input from all stakeholders. This will serve as a guiding framework as we work to align school data and refine our goals throughout the district moving forward.”

School Board President Jason Miller thanked the steering committee who worked to put the plan together.

“I speak for the board that there’s been a lot of time and energy invested in this project and the document in my opinion is fantastic. It’s an amazing document and I hope that it serves as a resource to springboard us up into whatever the next phase that we are going on to as a district,” Miller said. “I’m really looking forward to just being part of it and being able to enjoy that process. So thank you, and thank you to everyone who participated all the staff, all the community that came and provided input. Mr. Fitzgerald, Mrs. Wylie, I think it was a unique opportunity to experience that. And again, I’m looking forward to seeing where it goes from here.”


The board will vote on the final strategic plan at a future meeting. Anyone who wants to review the plan can contact the district office at 302-422-1600.




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