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The Chamber of Commerce for Greater Milford will hold Candidate Q&A sessions in April

The Chamber of Commerce for Greater Milford (CCGM) is pleased to announce they will hold three Candidate Q&A sessions prior to elections for the City of Milford Council. The sessions are planned as follows:

Wards 1 and 2 – April 18 – 7 to 9 PM – Milford High School Auditorium

Mike Boyle, Ward 1, and Nadia Zychal, Ward 2

Wards 3 and 4Β  – April 23 – 7 to 9 PM – Milford High School Auditorium

Danny Perez, Michael Stewart, Ward 3, and Katrina Wilson, Ward 4

Mayor – April 25 – 6 to 8 PM – Milford High School Auditorium

Archie Campbell

β€œWe made the decision to change this format somewhat in order to be sure we are fair to all participants,” Pat Abel, President of CCGM said. β€œThis will still be a moderated event and two Chamber members plus the Executive Director developed ten questions focused on issues facing Milford today. Initially, we were not going to have public input, but realized that by asking the same questions of all candidates, we may be putting candidates in Ward 1 and 2 at a disadvantage over Wards 3 and 4 plus the mayoral race as they will get forewarning of what we will ask.”

For that reason, Abel stated that, prior to the debate, audience members will be provided forms to write and submit questions they may have for the candidates. Those questions will be screened and those that meet the criteria will be asked of the candidates, either in replacement of the questions established by the Chamber of Commerce or in addition to those questions. Due to time restraints, not all audience questions may be asked.

β€œWe also apologize for some confusion about times,” Abel said. β€œOur original press release went out with incorrect times for the Ward 1/2 and Ward 3/4 events. All three Q&A periods begin at 7 and will run until approximately 9 PM. As a precaution, doors will open at 6 PM which will also allow attendees additional time to complete the question form.

The City of Milford council election will be held Saturday, April 27. Registered voters may cast their ballots at the Public Works office located at 180 Vickers Drive in Milford between the hours of 10 AM and 6 PM. All individuals who registered to vote with the State of Delaware by March 28, 2024, and reside at an address within the City of Milford are eligible to vote in the election.


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