Council approves zoning change for Kenton lands

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This parcel of land is now zoned Commercial Highway after council approved the request (Photo courtesy of Google Maps)

At a recent meeting, Milford City Council approved a zoning change for lands owned by Randall Kenton. The land will now be zoned as C3, Highway Commercial as opposed to I1 and I2, which are industrial. The land is located at the corner of North Rehoboth Boulevard and Northeast Front Street.

“As you may recall, the applicant received a Comprehensive Plan map amendment back in October to change this future land use of this area from industrial to commercial. Therefore, the request would be consistent with prior Council action changing the comprehensive plan future land use maps,” Rob Pierce, City Planner, said. “So, this area is now commercial on our future land use maps. We also included a copy of the land use and zoning link from our comprehensive plan land use chapter and a list of the list of use scenario regulations from the C3 highway commercial district.”

Kenton explained to council that they felt making the land commercial rather than industrial would provide them with more options to use the land as they are attempting to clean up the area. Councilman Dan Marabello asked if the pallet recycling business would remain after the zoning.

“We’d like to have enough time to remove everything,” Kenton said. “The other little patch there is already commercial so that would just tie everything, and we are demoing that building on the corner.” Kenton also explained that his brother owned a small portion of the land.”

A public hearing was held after the presentation by Pierce and Kenton with no member of the public speaking for or against the zoning change. Council approved the request unanimously.

“The changes are consistent with the 2018 Comprehensive Plan and future land use,” Councilman Mike Boyle said. “

Councilwoman Katrina Wilson felt the new zoning fit with the city’s strategic plan for Rehoboth Boulevard while Councilman Marabello felt the change would not adversely impact the area.




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