Insight Education continues working on MSD Strategic Plan

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Milford School District is currently working with teachers and administrators to update their strategic plan in order to better serve students.

At a recent school board meeting, Dr. Bridget Amory, Director of Student Learning, provided the Milford School District Board of Education with an update on the strategic planning process. Earlier this year, the district awarded Insight Education with the contract to update the district’s strategic plan.

“We are currently working with an individual by the name of Pete Leida who is very familiar with Delaware schools as he is retiring from one of our school districts upstate,” Amory said. “We started the preliminary conference with him in the spring and we’ve been working with him over the summer. We will begin this fall without community outreach and all of our surveys that are engaging broadly throughout Milford School District. We do fully anticipate that some will run from the summer of 2022 through the spring of 2023 where we will be able to bring a finalized product to the school board in April of 2023.”

School Board President Jason Miller asked what Amory meant by finished product and what the board could expect to see.

“First of all, the board will have a voice as part of the process, so you can be assured that the voice of our board will be heard,” Amory said. “We will be working through a variety of district priorities of the work that Dr. Dickerson has shared with our staff. He’ll be sharing them with our greater staff later this week. It focuses not only on facilities but academic achievement as well as creating basically a plan for the Milford School District moving forward as we continue throughout the city.”

Miller asked if the community would have access to the plan once it is finalized so they can see the direction the district plans to move. Amory stated that the plan, once finalized and approved by the board, will be posted on the district website as well as the website for each school.

“Through the process, there will be community stakeholder groups with data that will be collected and brought together,” Amory said. “We hope opportunities throughout the fall as well as the beginning part of the winter will allow us to make sure that many voices as possible are heard.”

The current Milford School District strategic plan can be found at

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