Milford Advocacy for Homeless holds ribbon cutting

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Photo Attached: (L to R): Representative Charles Postles; Bonnie Hall, Board Member, Milford Advocacy for the Homeless; Debbie Heinsch, CCGM; Martha Gery, President Milford Advocacy for the Homeless; Melody Barber, Local Government Management Fellow; Ennio Zaragoza, Board Member Milford Advocacy for the Homeless; Barbara Steele, Vivian Erickson, Milford Library, and Milford Mayor Archie Campbell.

Although they do not have an official office space, the Milford Advocacy for the Homeless recently held a symbolic ribbon cutting on the steps of the Windsor Building where the Chamber of Commerce for Greater Milford is housed. The ribbon cutting was designed to bring attention to this grassroots organization whose focus is providing services for Milford’s homeless and helping them move toward permanent housing.

“We just want to explain that we did not really “move” to Milford,” Martha Gery, Founder and President of Milford Advocacy for the Homeless, said. “Most of our work is done by individuals although we do have a mailing address.”

Gery explained that the group provided meals, tents, sleeping bags, toiletries and other daily essentials to the homeless living in and around Milford. She explained that because the population continues to grow, it is difficult to determine exact numbers of homeless people in Milford.

“On any given day, we are serving approximately 50 individuals,” Gery said. “We are getting multiple calls every week from newly homeless individuals who need shelter. Milford does not have a shelter and so we refer them to call 211 or 1833. One of our goals is to open a shelter here in Milford.”

Gery explained in a recent presentation to City Council that she began working with the homeless when she was employed by Sisco Technologies. The company allowed employees to take time away from their duties to volunteer. When she began trying to help homeless people in the Milford area, she actually found it difficult to locate them. A partnership with Brandywine Counseling helped her locate those in need. Since that time, the organization has not only provided tents, sleeping bags and daily needs, they have also provided bicycles that help those in need find employment.

“We are currently looking for a community room to be able to provide warmth and serve pre-cooked meals,” Gery said. “Donations are taken at the homes of our volunteers and it would be good to have a place to receive in-kind donations, have a food pantry and a clothing closet for the homeless to shop. We would love to have a building where all community services could gather together to provide support for those in need.”

Anyone interested in volunteering for Milford Advocacy for the Homeless can connect with them through their Facebook Group at, send a message through Facebook Messenger or email [email protected].  If they are an organization that would like to partner with us to provide services or help us create a community warming center or shelter, they can connect with us on our Facebook Page for MAH Homeless Coalition, attend one of the monthly meetings (invite on Facebook Page) or send their organization’s name, address, phone #, email and their representatives name to [email protected]




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