Milford School District staff participates in “Over the Edge”

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Milford School District staff participated in Over the Edge

On Thurs., May 13, ten Milford School District staff participated in “Over the Edge,” a fund raiser for Special Olympics Delaware. The teachers were part of a group of more than 70 Delawareans who participated in the event.

“Each participant is required to raise a minimum of $1,100 in order to participate,” John Buzby, Director of Unified Champion Schools for Special Olympics Delaware, said. “The ‘Edgers’ are supporters of Special Olympics Delaware who either play a role in the organization or are related to, or friends with, someone who cares about the cause. The event was live streamed on the Special Olympics YouTube channel.”

In its nine-year history, the event has raised more than $1.3 million for Special Olympics Delaware. This year, Milford staff members Christopher Timm, Kate Lynch, Kate Marvel, Michele Davis, Cole Pavlik, Gary Zoll, Elizabeth Luff, Summer Davis, Jennifer Wilson and Miranda Walker rappelled 17 stories, or 222 feet, down the 300 Delaware Avenue building in Wilmington. The event began a 9:00 AM and continued throughout the day.

“This is one of those unique events we do that has just seemed to capture the interest of our community,” Ann Grunert, Executive Director of Special Olympics Delaware, said. “While we know the thrill is part of the attraction, we are also told by many that their inspiration to take on such a daring feat comes from our athletes themselves who inspire us every single day.

The event is sponsored by Brandywine Realty Trust and New Castle County Fire Service. It is the only rappelling fundraiser in the state of Delaware. The night before the event, Lynch posted on her Facebook page about why she chose to participate.

“Everyday, our friends with disabilities have to step outside their comfort zone just to accomplish things they take for granted,” Lynch said. “Tomorrow, at 12 noon, I will be stepping outside my comfort zone along with a team of brave colleagues for my second “Over the Edge” event in support of Special Olympics Delaware.”

Gary Zoll, Principal of Milford Central Academy, shared Lynch’s post and commented that he would be with her.

“Today was epic!” Zoll posted on his own Facebook page, sharing a photo of himself as he rappelled down the building.

For more information on events held in support of Special Olympics Delaware, visit their website at

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