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Milford students bring home gold at Delaware Educator’s Rising event

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by Terry Rogers


a couple of people posing for the camera

Mystery Villa, Haley Thompson and Anna Hatfield brought home gold from the Educators Rising conference

Three Milford High School Students brought home a gold medal at the Delaware Educator’s Rising Conference held February 24 and 25 at the Rehoboth Convention Center and Atlantic Sands. Anna Hatfield, Haley Thompson and Mystery Villa won the medal in the K-3 Children’s Literature event.

“These aspiring educators have consistently earned a gold medal in the Children’s Literature category for three consecutive years,” Molly Chorman, MHS Teacher and advisor for Educator’s Rising, said. “Any student involved in Educators Rising are eligible to compete which is made up of students in our Teacher Academy Pathway.”

The three young women wrote a children’s book about diversity and inclusion with a version that was translated into Spanish. All three of the students are classroom interns at Lulu Ross Elementary School.

“The Teacher Academy pathway offered at MHS is a three-course pathway starting with Human Growth and Development,” Chorman said. “A key feature about this course is child development around major theorists and milestones. Many students find this class to be reflective and meaningful in their own journey of development. Teaching as a Profession follows as Level II with a focus on the role of the teacher in various settings. Foundations of Curriculum and Instruction is our third-level course centering around lesson and unit design as well as serving the diverse learner with accommodations in today’s technology.”

Educators Rising works with aspiring educators who reflect the demographics of their communities and are passionate about serving those communities through education. The organization works to create a new generation of highly skilled educators by guiding young people on their path from high school to college and into their teaching careers.

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