New restaurant to open in Penney Square early 2023

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A new restaurant will open in Penney Square in early 2023

When it comes to the restaurant industry, Zack and Marissa King already have a winning track record with EasySpeak, located on Milford Harrington Highway. The brewpub and distillery is a popular destination for visitors and locals alike. The couple purchased Penney Square in 2021 and, almost from the beginning, planned to put a new restaurant in the location. Last week, the couple announced that there would be a new eatery downtown. The new restaurant, fondue., will be the first of its kind in Milford.

“We are continuously purchasing property in Milford with certain types of businesses in mind,” Marissa said. “Each one, we try to bring something new and unique to the area that we feel as if Milford needs in order to attract people. Zack and I found ourselves driving an hour plus on special occasions, so we thought why not bring this concept to Milford.”

The new restaurant will have a simple menu focusing on gourmet cheese and chocolate, keeping in the tradition of fondue with courses cooked table side. It will also feature the craft cocktails that the couple are known for as well as decadent desserts. fondue. will feature a large bar that Marissa says will be the perfect place to start or end a date night and an intimate dining room designed for fine dining and special occasions.

“We will have a back area designated for large groups and finer dining,” Marissa said. “The bar area will be primarily an apps and dessert situation. The back will be more for special occasions or sit down dinners.”

As an added attraction, the small shops located in Penney Square are planned to compliment the new restaurant, although the details for those are still being worked out, Marissa said.

“I personally am opening a luxury salon and day spa,” Marissa said. “I’ve partnered with a local cosmetologist, and we are opening the salon, hopefully February 1. The day spa we are looking at early April. Again, just trying to bring stuff that Milford needs to the area and I’m tired of driving to Seaford to get pampered. So, if you know any hair stylist or aestheticians looking for a new home, send them my way!”

Marissa is hoping to develop other retail shops that will accompany fondue.

“That is the million dollar question,” Marissa said when asked when the new restaurant would be open. “It depends on approvals and stuff, but we are hoping for early 2023.”

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