Riverwalk Villa project approved

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City Council approved Riverwalk Villas, a 27-unit townhouse project

City Council approved a request from Milford Housing Development Corporation to construct 27 townhomes on property located on the northwest intersection of Mispillion and Marshall Streets which will be known as Riverwalk Villas. City Planner Rob Pierce explained that multiple projects have been proposed for this property with the most recent being a 48-unit apartment complex also known as Riverwalk Villas, but that approval expired.

“The preliminary plans have been reviewed for general compliance with the city’s construction standards and specifications,” Pierce said. “We have numerous agency comments that are further down in the packet, location and zoning map shows this property located along the river it actually has a portion of our Riverwalk just west of the dog park but east of the shipyard, between it and the actual physical river but essentially it’s bound on the north pretty much by the Mispillion River.”

Roger Gross, a professional engineer with Mears Consultants, explained that the plan includes stormwater management.

“Initially, we are looking at vegetated channels and ephemeral constructed wetlands to meet the stormwater quality requirements in accordance with stormwater regulations,” Gross said. “A portion of the site is within a FEMA designated floodplain, so the developer will file a revised conditional letter of map revision including FEMA based infill to exclude those areas from flood hazard.”

Dave Moore of Milford Housing Development Corporation explained that there was some concern about the backyards of the townhomes.

“I think when we went into this, there was a lot of discussion on what to do in the backyards. And I think the initial conversations were that what our intention is to try to get an acre labeled as Plan B or Section B on the plan in order to donate back to the city,” Moore said. “So, our hope is that we can complete the backs of these townhouses completely. And when I mean completely, I mean patios, balconies for all the units so that they’re self-contained, that the backyard is complete. We will also include fencing in those yards, and then my goal would be to dedicate the 0.9 acres back to the city of Milford against the Riverwalk it would be basically a no build zone would be my goal.”

There was no public comment for or against the project during that section of the presentation. Council approved the new project unanimously.

“It’s a bonus because it meets our need of affordable housing with the 27 units and its going to benefit a lot of people, a lot of people who are living at the lower level,” Councilwoman Katrina Wilson said. “This is a unique project and a unique area, and I am excited to see it take place.”

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