Affordable Housing

Milford’s hidden housing crisis

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At recent city council meetings, there has been significant discussion about homelessness and panhandling in areas of the city. Council members are receiving complaints from businesses downtown about the many homeless in downtown areas, some of whom are impacting foot traffic in the area. Around the highway shopping centers, there are several homeless people who are panhandling, creating a dangerous …

City Council provided information on MHDC grant options

Terry Rogers Delaware Nonprofits, Milford Headline Story

Milford City Council held a workshop on Mon., Feb. 8 to learn more about grant options available to Milford Housing Development Corporation. The organization received a grant from the Wells Fargo Reinvestment Fund that was designed for community development work in Milford. “This grant was awarded before the pandemic began,” Russ Huxtable of MHDC said. “When COVID hit, everyone scattered, …