Magnolia parents are petitioning against a ban on manga and the termination of the anime club. (Photo from 'Spirited Away')

Ban of anime club, manga draws ire from Magnolia Middle parents

Jarek RutzEducation, Headlines

Many in the Magnolia Middle School community are upset about a recent ban on manga and the termination of the anime club. A petition with nearly 2,000 signatures is circulating, asking the school, which is part of the Caesar Rodney School District, to reinstate the club and allow manga books. Manga are comics or graphic novels originating from Japan, and …

Milford Library holds first comicon

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Milford Public Library h3le their first comicon on Thursday, January 12. The all-day event, dubbed “741.5 Con” after the section of the Dewey Decimal system categorization of comic books held events for people of all edges, although most of the day was geared toward young children. “We had quite a few children come out today to participate” Carolyn Tabor, Program …