Milford Library holds first comicon

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Ella poses in the balloon photo booth, showing her “Wonder Woman” muscles

Milford Public Library h3le their first comicon on Thursday, January 12. The all-day event, dubbed “741.5 Con” after the section of the Dewey Decimal system categorization of comic books held events for people of all edges, although most of the day was geared toward young children.

“We had quite a few children come out today to participate” Carolyn Tabor, Program Coordinator, said. “The children were able to make buttons and create their own comic book. We showed superhero movies all day and held a costume contest. There were even competitions designed for teens in the evening.”

Tabor agreed that holding an event like this on a Thursday was not ideal, but they were not sure what type of response they would get. They do hope to make this a much larger annual event, holding it on a weekend, as the library did receive considerable feedback from those who would have liked to attend, but could not as it was a work or school day.

The library was filled with costumes ranging from superheroes to princesses

“We are trying to come up with more events for teens and young adults,” Tabor said. “This being our first time attempting a convention of this type, we are still learning. We have the amphitheater outside that is under-utilized and we hope to move this to the spring in order to capitalize on the Riverwalk and the grounds outside the library. ”

Ella arrived at the library wearing her Wonder Woman costume, explaining to everyone that “Wonder Woman’s human name is Diana.” Other children were dressed as princesses and other superheroes.

“We are always looking for ideas for teens and young adults,” Tabor said. “We welcome volunteers who would like to help us make these fun events happen.”


For more information, contact the Milford Public Library at 302-422-8996.

Children enjoyed a variety of movies throughout the day

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